Lecturer in Computer Engineering and Networks

Master of Science

Specialization - Computer Science

Research Area - Database Systems and Web Technology

Department of Computer Engineering and Networks

College of Computer & Information Sciences, Majmaah University

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Saturday 8-10

Sunday 10-11

Monday 9-10

Tuesday 10-11

Final Exam

Final Exam

IT 250- 6 Jan-2015- 9AM - 12 Noon

CEN 215- 4 jan 2014- 9AM - 12 Noon


Quiz Marks for Physics 103 Exercise-G2 are displayed on Department Notice Board


  • Human Resource Development Group: http://csirhrdg.res.in
  • Laxmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology: http://liet.org
  • Knowledge mapping System: Knowledge Repository
  • PaperLess Meeting Portal for Majmaah University college of Engineering
  • Employee Attendance System for Majmaah University

Seminar Conducted

  • AJAX and JSON: A New Approach to Web Applications
  • Knowledge Mapping System
  • Cloud Based CMS for Developers


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Ahsan Ahmed

Tel: 164046737 Ex. 6737

Fax: 064322785

[email protected]


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