Database System

Course Discription

Introduction of Database System, Characteristics & Advantages of DBMS, Structure of Databases, Data Independency, Classification of DBMS, Database Languages, views, Triggers, Transaction Management, Abstraction in DBMS, Database Models, Entity and Entity Set, Naming Conventions & Design Issues in ER Model. ER Diagrams. Relational Database Models. Domains, Attributes, Integrity Constraints, Relational Algebra Operations. Transaction Processing Concepts. Functional Dependencies, Normalization. Characteristics & Advantage of SQL, SQL Data Types, Literals, Commands, Operators. Tables, Views, Indexes, Queries and sub queries, Aggregate functions, Clauses, Concurrency Control, Database Security.

Course Goals and Objectives


Discuss about how to deal with database, understanding and analyzing the data.


Understand how to write and modify SQL query.


Encourage the students to discuss during lecture to obtain in-depth knowledge of database.


To teach students how to access the database and understand the data models.


Deals with the creation of ER Diagrams and its applications.

Course Outcomes


a) An ability to select and apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of their disciplines to broadly-defined engineering technology activities


b)  An ability to select and apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to engineering technology problems that require the application of principles and applied procedures or methodologies


c) An ability to design systems, components, or processes for broadly-defined engineering technology problems appropriate to program educational objectives


d) An ability to conduct standard tests and measurements; to conduct, analyze, and interpret experiments; and to apply experimental results to improve processes


e) An ability to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team


f) An ability to identify, analyze, and solve broadly-defined engineering technology problems


h) An understanding of the need for and an ability to engage in self-directed continuing professional development

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  • Lecture 1 (Database Lecture 1.pdf - B)
  • Lecture 2 (Database System- 216 Lecture2.pdf - B)

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Sunday 10-12

Monday 9-10

Thursday 8-10

Final Exam

Final Exam

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