Ameen Bany Amer أ. أمين بني عامر

Deanship of Preparatory Year

Career Objectives

Career Objectives 

Providing students with broad theoretical and practical knowledge and deep understanding of Eng language, literature, and linguistics


Developing students' language and communication skills through employing a theory and technology enhanced approach to teaching listening, speaking, reading, grammar and writing


Cultivating students' critical and creative thinking skills and fostering their research capabilities

Conducting theoretical, empirical, practical, and comparative research on Eng language, literature and linguistics


Tapping the intersection and mutual benefits between English language/linguistics and modern technological applications


Interacting and creating partnership with the public and private sectors through conducting studies and offering consultations in the areas of Eng language teaching and learning, linguistics, and literary/cultural studies


Contributing to enriching the local community through faculty participation in teaching, writing, translating, lecturing, and the media


Promoting critical understanding of Western thought and the cultures of the English- speaking world, and opening avenues for fruitful intercultural dialogue with English-speaking nations and people

Included Topics - Final Exam

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