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Core i3

The Core i3 was intended to be the new low end of the performance processor line from Intel, following the retirement of the Core 2 brand.[18][19]

The first Core i3 processors were launched on January 7, 2010.[20]

The first Nehalem based Core i3 was Clarkdale-based, with an integrated GPU and two cores.[21] The same processor is also available as Core i5 and Pentium, with slightly different configurations.

The Core i3-3xxM processors are based on Arrandale, the mobile version of the Clarkdale desktop processor. They are similar to the Core i5-4xx series but running at lower clock speeds and without Turbo Boost.[22] According to an Intel FAQ they do not support Error Correction Code (ECC) memory.[23] According to motherboard manufacturer Supermicro, if a Core i3 processor is used with a server chipset platform such as Intel 3400/3420/3450, the CPU will support ECC with UDIMM.[24] When asked, Intel confirmed that, although the Intel 5 series chipset supports non-ECC memory only with the Core i5 or i3 processors, using those processors on a motherboard with 3400 series chipsets it will support the ECC function of ECC memory.[25] A limited number of motherboards by other companies also support ECC with Intel Core ix processors; the Asus P8B WS is an example, but it does not support ECC memory under Windows non-server operating systems.

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