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Floating wind farm

As of September 2011, Japan plans to build a pilot floating wind farm, with six 2-megawatt turbines, off the Fukushima coast of northeast Japan where the recent disaster has created a scarcity of electric power. After the evaluation phase is complete in 2016, "Japan plans to build as many as 80 floating wind turbines off Fukushima by 2020." The cost is expected to be in the range of 10-20 billion Yen over five years to build the first six floating wind turbines. Some foreign companies also plan to bid on the 1 GW large floating wind farm that Japan hopes to build by 2020. In March 2012, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry approved a 12.5bn yen (4m) project to float a 2MW Fuji in March 2013 and two 7MW Mitsubishi hydraulic "SeaAngel" later about 20–40 km offshore in 100–150 meters of water depth. The Japanese Wind Power Association claims a potential of 519GW of floating offshore wind capacity in Japan.

As of November 2011, Statoil plans to build a multi-turbine project in Scottish waters utilizing the Hywind design.

The US State of Maine solicited proposals in September 2010 to build the world's first floating, commercial wind farm. The RFP is seeking proposals for 25 MW of deep-water offshore wind capacity to supply power for 20-year long-term contract period via grid-connected floating wind turbines in the Gulf of Maine. Successful bidders must enter into long-term power supply contracts with either Central Maine Power Company (CMP), Bangor Hydro-Electric Company (BHE), or Maine Public Service Company (MPS). Proposals were due by May 2011. 

As of April 2012, Statoil has state regulatory approval to build a large four-unit demonstration wind farm off the coast of Maine

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