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Comprehension 2

ENG 115

Try These 5 Activities for Learning Reading Strategies


One of the most essential reading skills is scanning for specific information. By training to  scan the page to look for key words, you learn to group specific letters together and quickly identify words, thus improving your fluency over time. Scanning is also a critical test-taking skill that allows students to read questions carefully and know how to look back in the text quickly to find the answer.


Skimming is an essential skill because it previews the text for the learner. Just like knowing the topic of a conversation beforehand helps us be better listeners, knowing the main idea of a text is extremely beneficial before you begin to read closely. A general understanding of the broad topic will prepare you to read for understanding and allow you to read faster.

Main Idea

Main idea is one of the most difficult skills for you because it’s one of the only test questions where the answer can’t always be found in an exact line within the text. You need to be able to comprehend an entire text and then decide what is the big picture idea. While the skimming strategy described above helps you to determine the main idea before reading, the main idea strategy is for you to understand the “big picture” after reading the text.

Context Clues

Many times you are too reliant on their dictionaries; you use your dictionary every time you encounter an unfamiliar word which disrupts reading fluency and sentence comprehension. A better and more realistic approach to help you master unknown words is discovering meaning through context. Context clues can be found in other words nearby and also from the grammatical structure of the sentence.


Like main idea, inferences can’t be found directly in the lines of the text; you must learn to read between the lines. Being good at making inferences relies a lot on critical thinking skills which can be a difficult thing to learn.

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