Lecture room Second Semester  (1436-1437 ) 2015-2016
Monday  :   8:00 - 10:00 (F102 ) Level : 5th
Thursday  :  10:00 - 11:00 (F103) Section : 758

List of Topics

Review of vector Operations and algebra, Linear and rotational transformation of vectors, Vector field, Review of vector differential calculus: (gradient, the divergence, the curl, product rules, Second Derivatives)

Review of integral Calculus: (linear, surface, and volume integrals), The fundamental theorem for: (calculus, gradient, divergence, curl), Curvilinear Coordinates: (spherical polar and cylindrical coordinates), The Dirac delta function in one and three dimension, The divergence of  reciprocal square of radial distance, The Helmholtz theorem.

Coulomb's law, The electric field, Continuous charge distributions, Divergence and curl of electrostatic fields, Field lines and flux, Gauss's law and its applications, Electric potential, The potential of a localized charge distribution, The work done to move a charge, The energy of a point charge distribution, The energy of a continuous charge distribution

Properties  of conductors and induced charges,  Surface charge and the force on a conductor, Capacitors, Poisson's equation, Laplace's equation in one, two and three dimensions, Boundary conditions and uniqueness theorems, Conductors and the second uniqueness theorem, The Method of images and induced surface charge and calculating force and energy, Multipole expansion and approximate potentials at large distances, The monopole and dipole terms

The electric field of a dipole, Polarization, Field of a polarized object, Induced dipole and dielectrics, Polar molecules, Bound charges, The field inside a dielectric and the electric displacement, Gauss's law in the presence of dielectrics, Boundary conditions, Linear Dielectrics: (susceptibility, permittivity, dielectric constant), Boundary value problems with linear dielectrics, Force and energy in dielectric systems

Magnetostatics and the Lorentz law , Magnetic fields and magnetic forces, The Biot-Savart law, The magnetic field of a steady current, The divergence and curl of the magnetic field, Ampere's law and its applications, Magnetic vector potential, Magnetostatic boundary conditions, Multipole expansion of the vector potential, Magnetic fields in matter and the magnetization, Magnetic materials: (diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic),

Torques and forces on magnetic dipoles, Effect of magnetic field on atomic orbits, The field of a magnetized object, Bound currents, The magnetic field inside matter and the auxiliary field, Ampere's law in magnetized materials, Boundary Conditions, Linear and nonlinear media, Magnetic susceptibility and permeability, Ferromagnetism


Welcome to the Second semester 2017-2018

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Final Exam for Electromagnetism Lab: 23/04/2018

Final Exam for General Physics 1 Lab: 25/04/2018

Midterm 2 for General Physics 1: 23/04/2018

Midterm 2 for Electromagnetism 1: 24/04/2018

Final Exam for Electromagnetism 1: 20/08/1439 (10:30-12:30)

Final Exam for General Physics 1:22/08/1439 (08:00-10:00)

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