Research Facility

Instrument incharge/Responsible

                i.            XRD

Dr. Samir Alzubadi

             ii.            PL

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid

           iii.            CVD

Dr. Muhammad  Arshad Kamran

           iv.            FTIR

Dr. Muhammad Gaafar

             v.            DSC

Dr. Samir Alzubadi

           vi.            UV

Dr. Adam Abdullah

        vii.            Sonifier

Dr. Muhammad Gaafar

        viii.            Ultrasonic-flaw-detector system

Dr. Muhammad Gaafar

           ix.            Polymer Extruder

Dr. Samir Alzubadi

             x.             Hot press Machine  

Dr. Muhammad Gaafar

           xi.            Polarized OpticalMicroscope

Dr. Hassan Hanafi


Welcome to the Second semester 2017-2018

Dear Students, visit my homepage frequently for any update regarding your course.


Final Exam for Electromagnetism Lab: 23/04/2018

Final Exam for General Physics 1 Lab: 25/04/2018

Midterm 2 for General Physics 1: 23/04/2018

Midterm 2 for Electromagnetism 1: 24/04/2018

Final Exam for Electromagnetism 1: 20/08/1439 (10:30-12:30)

Final Exam for General Physics 1:22/08/1439 (08:00-10:00)

Office Hours

Sunday -        10:00-12:00
Tuesday -      08:00-09:00
Thursday -     11:00-12:00
Thursday -     01:00-02:00


email: [email protected]

Office Phone: +966164044170

Extension : 4170

S-159, Second Floor

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