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1. Welcome to Journal of Modern Materials

Adam A. Bahishti, J. modern mater.; Vol 1, No 1, pp: 1, July 2016

2. Peer Review : Critical Process of a Scholarly Publication

Adam A. Bahishti, J. Mod. Mater.; Vol 2, No 1, pp.: 1.1-1.2, October 2016

Research Articles

1- “DC conductivity and high field behavior of Se100-xTex Alloy”

Mohsin Ganaie, Shabir Kumar, Adam A Bahishti, M.Zulfequar; Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 2014, pp 625-630

2- “The study of optical parameters and DC conductivity of Se100-xHgx thin films”

Neetu , Adam A. Bahishti, M. Zulfequar; Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter, Volume 407, Issue 18, p. 3868-3871

3- “Photoconductivity of Se85-xTe15Hgx thin films”

Neetu Chaudhary, Adam A. Bahishti, M. Zulfequar; Physica B 407 (2012) 2267–2271

4- “Effects of laser irradiation on optical properties of a-Se100- xTex  thin films”

Adam A Bahishti, M Husain and M. Zulfequar; Radiation Effects and Defects in SolidsIncorporating Plasma Science and Plasma Technology, Volume 166 (2011) Issue 7, 529

5- “Effect of Laser Irradiation on Thermal and Optical Properties of Selenium-Tellurium Alloy”

Adam A. Bahishti, M. A. Majeed Khan, B. S. Patel, F.S.Al-Hazmi

and M. Zulfequar; Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids; 355 (2009) 2314–2317

6- “Optical Properties of Selenium-Tellurium Nanostructured Thin Film Grown by Thermal Evaporation”.

Karunapati Tripathi, Adam A. Bahishti, M. A. Majeed Khan, M. Husain, and M. Zulfequar. Physica B 404 (2009) 2134–2137

7- “Effect of Laser Irradiation on The Optical Properties of Amorphous

Se96-xTe4Gax Thin Films”

Adam A. Bahishti, M. A. Majeed Khan, S. Kumar, M. Husain and M. Zulfequar, Chalcogenide Letters Vol. 4, No. 12, December 2007, p. 155 – 160


Welcome to the Second semester 2017-2018

Dear Students, visit my homepage frequently for any update regarding your course.


Final Exam for Electromagnetism Lab: 23/04/2018

Final Exam for General Physics 1 Lab: 25/04/2018

Midterm 2 for General Physics 1: 23/04/2018

Midterm 2 for Electromagnetism 1: 24/04/2018

Final Exam for Electromagnetism 1: 20/08/1439 (10:30-12:30)

Final Exam for General Physics 1:22/08/1439 (08:00-10:00)

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