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Project -1

Project Title: Study of Intensity dependent photoconductivity in ZnO nanoparticles

Project Duration: one year

Academic Year: 1436/1437H. (2015/2016G.)

My Role: P.I.

Other contributors: N/A

Funding Agency: Deanship of Scientific Research (Majmaah University)

Short Description (Abstract)

Research in the photoconductivity of ZnO began almost 75 years ago and since then, many studies have been performed on the transient and persistent photo-response of ZnO. It is well documented in the literature that ZnO exhibits a fast photo- response; however materials with large surface- to-volume ratio are fundamentally more suitable for optical sensor applications due to enhance photo responsivity. This indicates that nanomaterials can be potentially more reliable for optical sensors with improved responsivity. Photoconductivity can be utilize in fabrication of many devices which are based on the decrease in the resistance of certain materials when they are exposed to both infrared and visible radiation, some of these are given in literature review section. Literature review shows that intensity dependent photo response study in ZnO nanoparticles has not been explored yet. However, Intensity dependent photo response can be utilize in special sensor device application as well as in memory devices which can be responsive only to tuned Intensity. Recently, ZnO nanostructures have come across as being very good photodetectors with an important gain. However, the true measurement of photoconductivity towards the ZnO nanoparticles with change in incident intensity remains unknown for efficient detection. Study of the intensity dependent photoconductivity in ZnO nanoparticles and its result might be promising for optical devices fabrication in future. The main objective of this project is to study the intensity dependent photoconductivity of fabricated thin film samples of ZnO nanoparticles using different fabricating parameters and substrate.


Project -2

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Research Projects completed


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