Our Material Science Research Lab have Angstrom UV1900 Double beam spectrophotometer. We can measure Absorption and Transmission of sample (solution or thin film) in the range of 190 nm - 1100 nm. Specification of Spectrophotometer available in Material Science Research lab, college of Science, Al-Zulfi is given below-

UV 1900 Specifications

Wavelength range


Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength Repeatability


Range of Transmittance


Range of Absorbability


Transmittance Accuracy


Transmittance Repeatability



<=0.0004A/h (2 hours after turn-on, at 500nm)

Straightness of Base Line


Stray Light

≤0.03%T (220nm NaI, 360nm NaNO2)


100%Line Noise =0.3T;0% Line Noise=0.1%T

Scanning Speed

Fast             Middle            Slow

Spectrum Bandwidth

2 nm




25 kg

The spectrophotometer is a routinely used instrument in scientific research. Spectrophotometry is the quantitative measurement of how much a material absorbs light by passing a beam of light through the sample using a spectrophotometer. The word ‘spectroscopy’ is used as a collective term for all the analytical techniques based on the interaction of light and matter. Absorption or emission of photons occurs when a molecular system undergoes transition between energy states. A graph of absorbance against wavelength gives the sample’s absorption spectrum (as shown below)

The general layout of a UV-visible spectrometer is shown in next figure below. The intensity of the reference beam, which should have suffered little or no light absorption, is defined as I0. The intensity of the sample beam is defined as I. Over a short period of time, the spectrometer automatically scans all the component wavelengths in a systematic manner.The absorption of UV or visible radiation corresponds to the excitation of outer electrons.

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