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أعلان هام

First Assignment for Therapeutic

Exercises Students

Topics of Assignment Total: 5marks

a. Components of Shoulder girdle

b. Structures of Elbow joint

c. Components of wrist joint

d. Dermatomes of upper limb

e. Prime mover for each movement in

upper limb joints

Instruction for writing an assignment

LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION: 1st  October  2012t

Name and date of submission clearly


Assignment is to be submitted in file

Paper used must be of A-4 size.

أعلان هام

First Assignment for Pediatric physiotherapy RHPT 364 Students

Topics of Assignment

a)Evaluation: Definition, Importance, principals and types

b)Reflexes : definition, Importance and classification.

c)Cerebral Palsy; Definition, causes, Classification and Evaluation

d) Brachial plexsus injuries: Definition, types, Causes and
physiotherapy treatment.

For the 7th Clinical Practice
in pediatric RHPT 474


1. Name of course, Code, Date, Name of teacher in the first page.

2. Indexing of the assignment is important.

3. The assignment must be hand written with blue and black pen.

4. Assignment must be kept enclosed in the file.

5. loose papers will not be

Common inhibitory techniques for hyperactivity in muscle tone 
Common facilitatory techniques muscle tone 
Facilitation of normal  motor developmentl 
Facilitation of Postural reactions 
Inhibition of primitive reflexes

Evaluation of cerebral palsy

Classification o reflexes

Comparsion between UMNL& LMNL Facial Nerve

Proximal & Distal Key point of control UL & LL In Bobath Techinque.

PT Program for Brachial plexsus Injuries .

Last date of submission: (5/3/2013
Best of luck


The deadline is 532013

إعلان هام لطلاب المستوى السادس

Second Assignment for Pediatric physiotherapy RHPT 364 Students

Topics of Assignment

a)Management of Bells palsy

b)Types of Congental foot deformities.

c)Managemnt of poliomylities

d) Types of Spina bifida

Instruction for writing an assignment


It is mandatory to submit the assignments in a hand written

Name and date of submission clearly


Assignment is to be submitted in file

Paper used must be of A-4 size.

Indexing topics of the assignments is essential

LEVEL 7 th Students

Rehabilitation Psychology RHPT 473

First  Assignment Topics

Impact of  Mental Illness on Families

Causes and  types of mental illness

Deadline for submission is 18 March 2013

جداول قسم العلاج الطبيعي

جداول قسم العلاج الطبيعي

Marks for first midterm exams

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