I. Personal data

Name:              Adnan Mohamed Ahmed Kotait

Date of Birth:     08/27/1970

Job:                  PHD Researcher, Division of Educational Planning, National Center for Educational  Research and Development.

Residence:        Qalyoub, Qaliubiya, Arab Republic of Egypt

Marital Status:    Married +3

Mobile: 0563525640

E-mail:              [email protected]

                       [email protected]

II. Qualifications:

-         Bachelor of Arts and Education, English department, very good level, Zagazig University, Benha Branch .1992

-         Special Diploma in Educational Administration,  very good level, Zagazig University, Benha Branch .1996

-         Master of Educational Administration, Ain Shams University, for a study entitled "Development of crises management at General Secondary School in Egypt in the light of contemporary Administrative thought", 2004.

-         PhD in Educational Administration, Ain Shams University, for a study entitled "Development of Administrative innovation at the general secondary school in Arab Republic of Egypt in the light of organizational intelligence approach", 2009

-         Certificate of TOEFL.

-         Certificate of  ICDL.

III. Scientific Activities:

1 - Participation in the collection of scientific material, translation, and field studies of the following researches:

• Performance obstacles of the school administration for achieving the objectives of general secondary education (2001).

• The development of economic care systems for teachers to develop their performance effectiveness (2001).

• The role of school management in the activation of civic education at the stage of pre-university education (2001).

• Developing the system of pre-school in Egypt to achieve equal educational opportunities:  long-term visions (2002).

  The requirements of practicing the profession of teaching in basic education in Egypt (2001).

• Organizational characteristics of the school environment and its relations with the support of innovative high school as a productive unit in the light of contemporary global trends (2002).

• An evaluation study of the reality of school management in the general and technical secondary education, in collaboration with the World Bank (2002).

• Planning for the expansion of preschool education in the light of the strategy of education in Egypt (2003).

• Activating the role of community participation in the educational process and  the provinces authority in Education administration (2004).

• The development of smart schools in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the light of some international experiences (2006).

• Systems and management of comprehensive assessment in basic education: a proposal perspective in the light of global trends (2007).

• The requirements of institutional preparation for achieving  decentralization in pre-university education in Egypt (2008).

2 - Participation in the translation and linguistic revision of the researches published in the Journal of Educational Research of the National Center for Educational Research and Development.

3 - Preparation of a research paper in the Journal of Education, Spring 2005, entitled "scenarios as a technique for future studies."

4 - Preparing a paper for the newspaper of Education entitled " strategic analysis methodology and the alternatives of developing Egyptian Education" .2010


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IV: Professional Experience:

1.           Participating in the workshops for the preparation of the Strategic Plan for education development  2007-2012 , Ministry of Education .2006

2.           Participating in training  teachers of English in Siwa, Matrouh Governorate, in collaboration with the Society of Renaissance education, May 2007

3.           Participating in the preparation of training program for Arab education: national plans to implement the Arab strategy of Education, February-June 2007.

4.           Participating in the forum of Governors at Alex Library on the theme "Decentralization and Education Reform in Egypt" September 2007.

5.           Participating in scientific and linguistic review for the National Book project in the period November 2007 - June 2008.

6.           Participating in  training of trainers for teachers in the field of school sanitation (TOT) in the period from 01/27/2007 to 17/07/2007.

7.           Participating in educational exchange program for environmental school sanitation in India through UNICEF for the period from 16/09/2007 to 28/09/2007.

8.           Participating as a member of the National Task Force in career guidance in education and the world of work, in cooperation with  the European Training Foundation ETF, 2008

9.           Participating in the symposium of " partnership between education and business and production institutions ", the British Embassy in Egypt in December 2, 2008.

10.      Participate as a trainer in the program of training the senior leadership of education directorates in the period from 12/14/2008 to 12/18/2008 in the city of the sixth of October.

11.      Working for Dar Masarat for Studies and Development, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from April 2009 - June 2010, and doing studies for the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia about improving the quality of private education, and a study in collaboration with the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States about developing media literacy among students in general education.

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