Serial Verbs with Light Verbs ja: (go) and de (give) in Odia, in CIEFL Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 10 July 2002, CIEFL, Hyderabad, reappears in:

A Brief Account of the Life and work of Saint Tukaram”. Follow the following link:

The Parameters of Aspect for Odia" in Constructing Aspect: Syntactic Reflections on Aspectual Distinctions (Recherches Linguistiques  Vincennes, vol. 43), University of Paris 8 URL

link to the book



Parlons Odia (Book) to appear L'harmattan, Paris

Research Presentations

Multiple Copulas and Genericity in Odia. Follow the link below:

Spatial Aspect and Argument Structure.” Paper presented at the seminar qu’est-ce qu’un verbe? pourquoi le verbe? at Institut du Monde Anglophone, Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 75006, 21-22 septembre 2007


Grammaticalized Situation Types and the parameter of aspect for Odia. Follow the link below:

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