Course Description:
This course is called Technical English-1. It is designed to help students from technical disciplines to learn basic sentence forms and their usages (in social, professional and technical contexts). The course focuses on basic grammatical structures, expressions and vocabulary often used in technical and professional contexts.

This course includes the following topics:

Basics: meeting people, using forms, following instructions, exchanging information, using checklists, using voice-mail, ordering by phone, introducing yourself and others, describing components, using a product review, describing a product, talking about people's jobs, describing direction of movement, giving and following instructions, explaining fluid movement around a system, using a flow chart, explaining how cooling systems work, material testing, properties of materials, buying using a customer call form, specifying dimensions, using a specification chart, future projects, taking an emergency call, reporting damage, dealing with a customer.

Course Aims:
The aim of the course is to consolidate students' previous knowledge of English, and bring it up to an intermediate level such that they can go for English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses related to their particular majors.

I taught the course for the following semesters:

2013-2014 Semester-1

2013-2014 Semester-2

2014-2015 Semester-1

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