Course Description:

Building on the content of Technical English, this course is intended to provide students of Computer Sciences and IT with more advanced and specialized technical English needed for studying their major and functioning in their future careers. This course contains the following topics:

Computer users, computer Architecture, computer Applications, Operating systems, describe main operating system, users Interfaces, discuss diagrams related to computer interfaces, computer support, Networks, data security, People in computing, discuss professional life of people working in IT, practice note-taking write a detailed description of a technical problem and its solution

Course Aims:

The general goal of this course is to develop students’ proficiency in technical English in the four language skills in general and in reading and writing in particular. In addition, students will learn specialist terminology related to computer science and IT.

I am teaching the course for the current semester, that is

2014-2015, Semester-2

Prescribed Text Book:
E. Glendinning & J.McEwan ( 2009) Oxford English for Information Technology Oxford..

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