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Name: Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Mahapatra

Current Address:

College of Computer and Information Science

Majmaah University

Post Box No. 66

Al Majmaah-11952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Phone: +966-0530720996




  • The national eligibility certificate of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, France, for research and teaching in Linguistics in the universities, 2009.
  • Ph. D in English (Linguistics and Phonetics) July 2003, CIEFL, Hyderabad, India.

            (The Dissertation Title: Stage Level vs. Individual Level Predicates and the Four Copulas   in Odia. Dissertation supervisors: i) Prof. K. A. Jayaseelan ii) Prof. T. S. Ray.

  • Qualified the UGC National Eligibility Test (of India) for Lectureship (in Linguistics), 1997.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in French 1996 CIEFL, Hyderabad, passed with ‘B’ Grade.
  • M. A. (Linguistics) 1993 Deccan College (Univ. of Pune), passed with Ist class.
  • M. Phil. (English) 1990 Univ. of Poona, Pune, passed with ‘A’ Grade.

            (The Dissertation title: Some Reflections on the Narrative Structure of Henry Green’s Last Two Novels ‘Nothing’ and ‘Doting’.)

  • M. A. (English) 1983 Utkal Univ. Bhubaneshwar, passed with ‘B’ Grade.
  • B. A. in English 1979 Utkal Univ. Bhubaneshwar, passed with Distinction.
  • Languages Known: (i) Odia, (ii) English, (iii) French, (iv) Hindi, (v) Marathi, (vi) Sanskrit






Teaching and Research Experience:

Beginning with my PhD topic, my research is basically in the domain of theoretical linguistics, especially in morpho-syntax and semantics; the research that I carry out has relevance to fields like cognitive semantics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and language teaching. I have got work-experience in the following areas: (i) teaching and research in linguistics; (ii) providing linguistic analysis and guidance to the research groups working in NLP; (iii) teaching English language and literature at undergraduate-level.

  • Currently I am working as Assistant Professor in the College of Computer and Information Sciences, Majmaah University, My current assignment involves teaching technical English, syllabus designing and working as a member of the college research committee.


Previous Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor (of English) in Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune, India. 10th October 2011-30th April 2012.

Ø  The responsibilities included: (i) conducting 'virtual class-room’ (giving lectures on-line); (ii) teaching with on-line interaction sessions; (iii) developing course material.

  • Senior Research Associate, in the project “Indian language to Indian language Machine Translation” (ILILMT), Centre for Indian Languages Technology (CFILT), Department of Computer Science and Technology, IIT, Mumbai. 19th July 2010- 13th October 2010.

Ø  Gave a course on morphology; provided linguistic guidance to the research group working on the machine translation from Marathi to Hindi and vice versa.

  • Post Doctoral Researcher and Member in the Research Group, Linguistique, Langue et Traduction (EA

            3980), Institut du Monde Anglophone, Univ. of Paris 3. (February 2007 - March 2010).

Ø  During the period my research included the following topics:

                        (i) The role of light verbs such as go, come, give, take in South-Asian languages

                             (The attempt is to explain such verbs on the basis of a cognitive semantic approach)

                        (ii) The multiple copulas and their selectional contexts in Odia

                        (iii) Temporal and Modal Readings of the Future.

  • Invited research scholar by Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris (From 1st April 2005 to 31st December 2006 and from September 2004 to December 2004).

Ø  During April 2005 to December 2006, the topic of my research was:

‘Grammaticalized Situation Types and the Parameter of Aspect for Odia.’

                  (The topic essentially explored the aspect structure of Odia and its parametrization;                 that is, how in a highly constrained way the aspect structure of Odia can differ                              from that of other languages such as English.)

Ø  During September to December (2004), the topic of my research was:

                  ‘Non-nominative subjects of be in Indian languages.

                  (The topic in a way addressed the question how Indian languages, which do not                      have ‘the verb have’, express its meaning; the research looked at the meaning of                             have as preposition+be; it considered the selectional restriction between different                non-nominative subjects and lexically different bes available in Odia.)

  • Project Linguist, Development Gateway Foundation Project, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mumbai-400076, India. (From 1st March 2004 to 31st March 2005).

Ø  The work involved both research and teaching

(i)                 Developed a morphological analysis of Hindi; the analysis was adopted by the research group for developing a high accuracy parts-of-speech tagger and morphological analyser for Hindi.

(ii)               Taught generative Linguistics to the NLP group and gave some talks at the Distance Education centre for language technologists at IIT Mumbai.

  • Lecturer (English Language), Life-line Institute, Hyderabad. (July 2003 - Dec 2003).

Ø  Taught different language skills to students preparing for International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

  • Assistant Professor (Linguistics), post-graduate level, at The Centre for Advanced Studies in Sanskrit, Univ. of Pune, India. (From Sept. 2000 to June 2001).

Ø  During the period, taught two courses, namely (i) Introduction to language theory and (ii) syntax. The course (ii) offered a comparative perspective of modern linguistic and Paṇinian grammar.

  • Lecturer (English) at under-graduate level in different colleges of Pune District Education Association (PDEA) Pune, Maharashtra, India. (Sept 1991 to March 1994).

Ø  Taught language skills and English literature.


·         Lecturer (English) at under-graduate level, Sangvi Keshari College, Pune. (From 15th Jan 1991 to 19th June 1991)

Ø  Taught language skills and English literature.



  • “Serial Verbs with the Light Verbs Ja: and de in Odia”, in CIEFL Occasional Papers in

            Linguistics, Vol. 10. July 2002, CIEFL, Hyderabad.

  • A Brief Account of the Life and work of Saint Tukaram”,
  • The parameters of Aspect for Oḍia” (2014) in Constructing Aspect: Syntactic Reflections on Aspectual Distinction (eds.) Jacqueline Guéron and Bridget Copley, Recherche Linguistique Vincenne, no. 43, Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, Université Paris 8.
  • Parlons Odia (book: to appear in 2015) l’Harmattan, Paris.


Papers Presented:

  • “Multiple Copulas and Genericity in Odia”. Paper presented at the Institut Jean Nicod,

            Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris. 26th June 2009.

  • “Spatial Aspect and Argument Structure.” Paper presented at the seminar qu’est-ce qu’un

            verbe? pourquoi le verbe? at Institut du Monde Anglophone, Université de Sorbonne

            Nouvelle, Paris 75006, 21-22 septembre 2007.

  •  “Grammaticalized Situation Types and the Parameter of Aspect for Odia”, paper

            presented for Temporalité: typologie et acquisition research group of CNRS at University

            of Paris-8, on 12th February 2007.

  •  “The Oblique Subjects of Be in Odia”, presented at journée de syntaxe comparée, 14

            October 2005, Institut du Monde Anglophone, Université de Paris III.

  •  “Morphology Based Natural Language Processing Tools for Indian Languages” at the

            Morphology Workshop at The Centre for Indian Language Technology (CFILT), IIT

            Mumbai, on 31st March 2005. The paper was jointly authored.

  •  “Light Verbs and the Argument Structure in Odia”, paper presented at the International

            Seminar on Argument Structure, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Delhi, Delhi, 5-8

            January 2003.

  •  “The Four Copulas in Odia”, paper presented at The GLOW Conference and Workshop,

            Hyderabad, 19-23 January 1998

  •  “A Modular Approach to Copula Selection in Odia”, paper presented at The International

            Seminar on ‘Nulls’, Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi, 10-12 January 1997.

  •  “Parsing Strategies for Sub-minimal Verb Roots in Ao”, paper presented to Phonology

            Interest Group (PIG), at CIEFL, Hyderabad, on 30th October 1996.


Seminars and Conferences Attended

  • The seminar qu’est-ce qu’un verbe? pourquoi le verbe? at Institut du Monde Anglophone, Université de Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 75006, 21-22 septembre 2007.
  • Time and Modality: A Round Table on Tense Mood and Modality, Univ of Paris-7, Paris. 08-10 Dec 2005
  • Journée d'étude: Feature geometries: from phonology to syntax,. Co-organised by l'UMR 7023     /Paris 8 and le Programme 4 de la Fédération Typologie et universaux linguistiques,         CNRS FR 2559, Paris. 03-Dec-2005,
  • Sixth Syntax and Semantics Conference in Paris (CSSP 2005), Jussieu Campus, Univ. Paris-7. 29th  Sept--1st Oct 2005,
  • Workshop on the formal analysis of adjectives Organised by l'UMR 7023 and l'Université de Paris 8, Paris.   28th Sept 2005,
  • Fall School of Linguistics Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris 4th week of Sept- 1st week of Oct 2004.
  • Indo-Wordnet Workshop, at Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore, India 14-16 January 2003.
  • Language Engineering Conference, organized by Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences, Univ. of Hyderabad and Society for Computer Application in Indian Languages, Univ. Of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India 13-15 December 2002.
  • the International Seminar on Argument Structure, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Delhi, Delhi, 5-8 January 2003.
  • Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) Colloquium and Workshop, Hyderabad, 19-23 January 1998.
  • International Summer Institute in Morphology (ISIM), CIEFL, Hyderabad, July 1996.
  • International Summer Institute in Syntax (ISIS),  CIEFL, HyderabadJuly 1994.

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