My Own Poetry

Virgin Heart

Never been touched before

Or love knocked at his door

Never tasted the pain

Or been delighted …….. Again

Clear like a smile of a child

So innocent, very tender, much wild

But after the coolness comes the heat

Yet the heart was not ready to beat

Knock! Knock! Knock! Who is there?

Who did come, who could dare?

The virgin declared the Red Alert

Doing His best to avert

Asking powers to save His skin

But love resolved to win

With denial this heart cried

But the refusal soon has died

Love easily opened the gate

Witness with me the very first date

Five beats or more in the moment

Such a number needs no comment

The heart is deeply in love

But to face an end

Of the innocent ….. The dove

A wounded heart and Broken Arrow

Were the results with deep sorrow

Blackness and darkness replaced the white

That the virgin heart started to bite

A victim with every coming of the moon

A martyr every day at noon

To have them became the joy of life

Well! Right the say…..

"Life Is Strife"


Why there's fear in thy eyes

Honestly tell me what thou see

Please tell me no lies

In love find my lee

With thee fate plays his game

In love thou are wanted by name

In thy life a woman will appear

After a week, a month, or a year

I see…….

You in the net of passion is trapped

By the name of love will be rapped

Thy heart simply she'll steal

Then disappear

As if she never been real

I saw much but not such pains

Never such winds or rains

Time and place thou will ride

Searching for her

As if she hides

One day hopefully thou will return

Too much misery and sorrow to learn

Ye were after a mare's-nest

Thee were under the love test

With a big sigh I came to say

While tearing into parts

I'm not afraid

Come what may

May God save the other hearts?

Eight Wonders of the World

Determined to match and compare

Thy merits and beauty with each wonder

Marveling if thee, my love, can dare

To be the eighth………

In Egypt, I began my journey with thee

Comparing the pyramid to thy power

Destined to Alexandria only to see

How the Pharos to thou is wee

I shed more light

Started to cite

Wonders from here and there

Still swear

There's no where

Can yield what thou possess

Not the Hanging Gardens of Babel

Which declared what they miss

Nor Tag Mahal, which could not tell

How it became less


Ain't to bet

Since there's the temple of Artemis

Artemis, oh Artemis. Fie!

To every body tu do lie

Not so fair, not to bear

My lover's beauty and wit

Even ye Closses of Rhodes can not fit!

Estne China the place to see?

Lo! Not even the Fence likens thee

Viva my love


In any way

Thou would be the eighth

More superior, too fair

To have with the seven something to share

Enas Fawzy

A Poem Written on Level Seven

Hopeless Case

Once I had a dream to teach,

Now that the dream is true,

I'd love my students leave me in peace.

I have this group I call hopeless case

They are so lost, they can't define the word "lace"

How helpless they are, just wait to see

Why don't they just leave me be.

I explain, they tell me they understand

But once I ask, they don't give a hand

Extremely clueless and hopeless case,

They all just seem out of place

So my hopeless students,

Just leave me be.

Or I'll give you hell,

Just wait to see.

Enas Fawzy


SECOND TERM OF 1439/1440

My Tips for Studying





اسم المقرر

رمز المقرر



الكتابة 2

Writing 2

Engl 214



اساليب التخاطب


Eng 412



الترجمة 2

Translation 2

Eng 411



الشعر الرومانسي

Romantic Poetry

Eng 332



الشعر الفيكتوري

Victorian Poetry

Eng 431



الشعر الحديث

Modern Poetry

Eng 432



النقد الأدبي 2

Criticism 2

Eng 461




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