I received the Bachelor Degree in Electrical Systems (Electrical Machines and Power Electronics) From National High Engineering School of Tunis- University of Tunis in 2014 and I received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Systems and PhD in Electrical Engineering from National Engineering School University of Tunis El Manar Tunisia, respectively in 2008 and 2014.

In September 2009, I joined the Faculty member staff at the University of Tunisia where I worked on different tasks (teaching and research projects). From 2009 to now, I am working at the laboratory of Analysis, Design and Control of Systems ( LACS-ENIT). My research interests are design and control of conventional and non-conventional electrical Machines. In 2013, I was a visitor researcher at the Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory-France where I worked on the modeling and optimization of linear switched reluctance machines. Since August, 2015, I have been an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Majmaah University Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My research interests are related with the renewable energy and the applications of the fuel cell, the design and the control of new linear generators.

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