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المقررات الدراسية

المقررات الدراسية

(361 History of Criticism 1 (Eng

(Translation from English to Arabic(Eng 118

(Modern Novel in Britain (Eng 451

(Modern Drama (Eng 443)

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الساعات المكتبية

الساعات المكتبية

الثلاثاء من 11 الى 2

أعلان هام

Translate the Following Passage into Arabic:

A Policeman has to protect the public from thieves and wicked men. He has to give help to all those who need it, especially to strangers, foreigners and old people. He must be brave and strong so that he can prevent violent people behaving rudely. In a difficulty the policeman has the right to call upon anybody for help. To refuse to help the policeman is an offence against good citizenship.

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