Fuzail Ahmad

Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Applied Medical Scien

Dr. Fuzail Ahmad


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Head, Department Of Physical Therapy

College of Applied Medical Sciences, Majmaah University

Ministry of Higher Education, Al-Majmaah , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Contact: +966 164042832

e-mail id: [email protected], [email protected]a


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Educational Qualification

[2012]   PhD, Physical Therapy

[2005] Master of Physiotherapy

[2002] Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Accademic Acchivements

الانجازات العلمية


Advance Physiotherapy Techniques for Chronic Low Back Pain- Non Surgical Management Of Chronic Low Back Pain

Lambert Academic Publication; ISBN: ISBN 978-3-659-37880-5

PhD Dissertation

Efficacy of task oriented motor skill training program with segmental trunk stabilization on acquisition of motor ability and postural control in young children with cerebral palsy.

Master’s Dissertation

The effect of visual cues on motor abilities in Parkinson’s patient after deep brain stimulation surgery


Working as Research Assistant on the Project “Relationships between, perceived scholastic competence & intellectual ability with academic achievement among the University students of Saudi Arabia

Scientific publication

النشر العلمي

Effect of mental imagery on upper extremity function in chronic stroke patients. Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy - An International Journal;  Volume : 6, Issue : 1, 88-90, March 2012
Effects of Task Related Training and Hand Dominance on Upper Limb Motor Function in Subjects with Stroke. Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, Vol. 9, No. 14, 20113
Effect of resisted chest cage expansion exercise training on functional capacity in normal adults; Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Journal; Pg 29-38, Vol 3 no 1, Jan-March 2010”4. “Effect of using laser beam stick on Parkinsonia gait” (Co Author) Published for presentation at 46th Annual Conference of IAP’ Feb 2008, Dehradoon.
Effect of external sensory cues on Parkinsonian gait after Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. Journal of Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy ; Vol 1 No 1; 37-44; Jan-March 20076.
Understanding Human Motion: Aristotal to VICON; A Historical Review.Published for presentation at National seminar on Fundamental of Biomechanics, March 2007, New Delhi

The Effect of Sensory Cueing on Gait Parameters after Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery. Published for presenting at 44th Annual Conference of IAP, Jan. 2006, Ahamdabad

Effect of Core Stability Exercises Versus Pressure Biofeedback Training in Low back Patient. Published for presenting at 45th Annual Conference of IAP, Feb 2007, Calcutt


اللجان العلمية  التي شارك فيها العضو

Majmaah University

[2011-2013]    Editorial Committee Majmaah Journal of Health Sciences

[2011-2013] Health & Basic Sciences Research Centre, Deanship of Research

[2011-2013]E-learning Committee, College of Applied Medical Sciences

[2011-2013] Recruitment Committee ,College of Applied Medical Sciences

[2012-2013] Quality Centre, College of Applied Medical Sciences


[2011-2013] Managing Editor “International Journal of Physiotherapy Research & Practice”

[2011-2013] Member of Central Executive Council of “Society for Research & Evidence Translation for Physiotherapist", Delhi, India

[2012-2013] Managing Editor of “International Journal of Physiotherapy Research & Practice”

[2009-2013] Member “ISPJE: International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

[ L-14712 ] Life Member “Indian Association of Physical Therapy”

[ PR-135 ] Member “Delhi Council of Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy

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Contact Numbers: +966 16404 2832


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