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RHPT- 497

In this course, the student selects a clinical case as a research project. The student starts by conducting a literature review

about the methods of evaluation and treatment in such cases. Finally, a presentation is to be made at the end of semester to

colleagues in a seminar format

Course Aim

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

Analyze research articles and critique the research design or the methods used

Develop skills in writing a research paper (following the traditional sequence used in publications

(Practice presenting their research orally (platform presentation) or visually (poster presentation

Demonstrate an understanding of conducting a scientific research

Course Objectives

Design a small scale validation study

Select appropriate sample

Identify research variables and experimental measures

Write a literature review

Conduct the study and report the major findings

Present the research findings in public

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  • Lecture (Neurophysiology-Motor System.pdf - B)
  • Lecture (Neurophysiology-Peripheral Nervous Sytem.pdf - B)
  • Lecture (Neurophysiology-Sensory System.pdf - B)

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