Fuzail Ahmad

Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Applied Medical Scien

RHPT - 241

1.  Course title and cod: Measurement in Physical Therapy  RHPT 241

2.  Credit hours:  3         hours: 5

3.  Program(s) in which the course is offered.

(If general elective available in many programs indicate this rather than list programs)

Bachelors of Physical Therapy

4.  Name of faculty member responsible for the course

Fuzail Ahmad

5.  Level/year at which this course is offered: 4th level/ 2nd year

6.  Pre-requisites for this course (if any):  Anatomy (complete knowledge of  joint & muscles anatomy, which must include the knowledge of origin, insertion & function of all the muscles, axis, plane & range of motion of all the joints etc)

7.  Co-requisites for this course (if any): Biomechanics, Exercise Therapy

8.  Location if not on main campus



B  Objectives 

1.  Summary of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course.

Upon the completion of this course, students should have a clear understanding of the followings:

        i.            Different measuring tools, scales and various methods of evaluation of joint mobility, muscle power and posture.

      ii.            Outlines methods for using goniometry to assess range of motion and muscle length during patient evaluation.

    iii.            Perform Longitudinal and girth measurements for the spine and extremities. Apply the proper way of testing mobility and strength for the spine and extremities.

    iv.            Student should be able to independently take goniometric measurement of all the joints as well as can assess the strength of all the muscles.

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