CV in English


              Manchester Metropolitan University. Awarded in December 2015.

MSc                 Master of Science in Information Technology (Business). Awarded in 2010. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


Training and courses

CAE/IELTS                EF Manchester from March – June 2012

Train The Trainer       Edinburgh Academy for Advance Training, February 2010.

Pre-sessional course      Heriot-Watt University English school, summer 2009.

Academic English        Different school in UK (Kaplan London, EF Manchester, City College of Manchester, and INTO Manchester) from 2008-2009 

Work History

2017 up to date – Head of Computer Science department in Zulfi collage of science at Majmaah University, KSA.

2017 up to date – Assistant professor in Zulfi collage of science at Majmaah University, KSA.

2012 up to date – Member of "FUNDS-Future Networks and Distributed Systems" research group at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

January 2012 –March 2015 - Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK.

June 2004 - August 2007 Programmer/Analyst at Sahar Establishment in cooperation with The World of Systems and Applications, Saudi Arabia.


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[2]  F. Alfayez .A Wireless Sensor Network System For Border Security And Crossing Detection. PhD thesis. Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016.

[3]  F. Alfayez, Dr.Mohammad Hammoudeh, & Dr.Omar Aldabbas (2015). Understanding Geospatial Challenges & Technologies: Towards a Hybrid System for Border Monitoring. Journal Paper submitted to the Defence Science Journal (DSJ). (Under review)

[4]  F. Alfayez, Dr.Mohammad Hammoudeh, & Dr. A. Abuarqoub (2015). A survey on MAC protocols for duty-cycled wireless sensor networks. Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier, Volume #, 2015, Pages #-#, ISSN 1877-0509. (In press)

[5]  F. Alfayez, & Ian Niell (2015). Topology-based Optimization of Linear Wireless Sensor Networks.  In 2015 European Intelligence & Security Informatics Conference (EISIC 2015). Manchester, The UK, 2015.

[6]  F. AlFayez, A. Abuarqoub, M. Hammoudeh, & A. Nisbet (2013). Wireless Sensor Network Simulation: The Current State and Simulation Tools.  Sensors and Transducers Journal (ISSN 1726- 5479) Vol. 18, Special Issue, January 2013, pp. 145-155.

[7]  A. Abuarqoub, F. Alfayez, M. Hammoudeh, T. Alsboui, & A. Nisbet (2012). Simulation Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey. Paper presented at the SENSORCOMM '12: Proceedings of the 2012 Sixth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications, Rome, Italy.

[8]  F. Alfayez, (2012). Linear Structure-based Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks. Workshop presented at the OPTNet 2012: International Workshop On Planning And Optimization Of Wireless Networks, Sheffield, The UK.

[9]  F. Alfayez, E-commerce in developing countries, impact and evaluation. MSc dissertation, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010.



I have an excellent computing knowledge and experiences of using general computer applications as well as in a variety of specialist areas including: programming languages and environments, Networking, software development and web design. I have also good understanding and skills in key business management and IT.

Programing skills:

Java, C++, C, C#, Pascal, Assembly, Visual Basic, NS3 Simulation.

Web skills:


Computing skills:

- Personal experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP).

-  Personal experience with Linux operating system.

- Personal experience with Mac OSX operating system.

-  Proficient in some designing Application such as: Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop CS.

Interpersonal Skills

   Enjoy the challenge and can meet deadlines effectively.



   Adaptive, keen to learn and expand.

   Love teamwork, I always make my colleagues happy and active.




   Excellent and fluent in English and Arabic languages. This cover speaking, reading, writing and listening. As in my CV I have already presented some of my work that has been published.

Extracurricular activities

    Reading literatures in both English and Arabic languages.

   Travelling and exploring countries on holidays.

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