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Under the wise policy of the state – may Allah help it – represented in the  expansion of establishing universities on recent  levels to  cover most parts of the Kingdom and to spread higher education among the people of the country , it was by- Allah's will  and blessings-The establishment of the Majmaa’h University  in the Majmaa’h province , to join its counterparts from the universities of our beloved country in the preparation of young men and women  scientifically , practically , professionally and educationally. And the State - May it be supported by Allah - has been keen that this university should include faculties to be in the service of local community primarily and the Kingdom in general and among those colleges Faculty of Medicine.

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine in the first place, in its first phase is to provide distinctive  educational service  for its students, enabling them to enter the labor market in the medical fields with highly competitive skills compared to their parallel graduates  from medical faculties of other universities, through  modern curriculum,  trying as much as possible, to keep up with the most prominent updates in medical education, and with the assistance of the expertise and experiences of ancient universities and houses of international experience, in addition to active participation in the development of scientific research and community service

The dissemination of science and knowledge among classes of society is not of the secondary things, and that the establishment of educational entities is no longer just a service projects, as much as a real investment for the future of the country.


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