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Medical institutions have an important role to play in the development of any society. Particularly in the context of Saudi Arabia, where the community is passing through a rapid phase of demographic and epidemiological transition, this role becomes even more central 

Majmaah University, Faculty of Medicine (MUFOM) enjoys a center-stage position within the community setup in its region and has an excellent working relationship with the Ministry of Health. The College is still using the hospitals and primary health facilities of the Ministry for training of students. In return, it provides the Ministry its highly skilled healthcare providers and contribution in training opportunities. The College also contributes toward community health education. It may be noted, however, that the relationship with the Ministry and the community at large are still in the initial phase of mutual understanding

The college is involved in a number of initiatives in collaboration with the MOH and other health authorities in the region; an important example is the continuous medical education program of the MOH. Many of the experienced faculties have delivered or scheduled to deliver lectures in the MOH hospitals in the nearby cities at the central part of Al Majmaah Region

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