Courses Learning Outcomes, Assessment Methods

Course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Methods, and Teaching Strategy work together and are aligned. They are joined together as one, coherent, unity that collectively articulate a consistent agreement between student learning, assessment, and teaching.

The National Qualification Framework provides five learning domains. Course learning outcomes are required. Normally a course has should not exceed eight learning outcomes which align with one or more of the five learning domains. Some courses have one or more program learning outcomes integrated into the course learning outcomes to demonstrate program learning outcome alignment. The program learning outcome matrix map identifies which program learning outcomes are incorporated into specific courses. 

On the table below are the five NQF Learning Domains, numbered in the left column.

First, insert the suitable and measurable course learning outcomes required in the appropriate learning domains (see suggestions below the table). Second, insert supporting teaching strategies that fit and align with the assessment methods and intended learning outcomes. Third, insert appropriate assessment methods that accurately measure and evaluate the learning outcome. Each course learning outcomes, assessment method, and teaching strategy ought to reasonably fit and flow together as an integrated learning and teaching process. Fourth, if any program learning outcomes are included in the course learning outcomes, place the @ symbol next to it.

Every course is not required to include learning outcomes from each domain. 

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