Eng. 212, Translation 1


To introduce students to different translation problems which a translator encounters during the process of translation at the various linguistic levels including: lexical, syntactic, stylistic, semantic, and/or cultural. It also addresses the issue of how to benefit from the various translation theories in this regard

To introduce students to the main issues in translation such as literal and free translations.

To improve students' speed in translating texts with the help of skimming and scanning techniques, understanding the main ideas of a text, and identifying the linguistic and cultural problems

To introduce students to gist translation.

To introduce students to machine translation
Students are encouraged to use online materials.

Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented.  (e.g. increased use of IT or web based reference material,  changes in content as a result of new research in the field)

Students are encouraged to search the web.

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