Linguistics III

What is the main purpose for this course?

Students should be able to:

Identify the basic principles characterizing each of the various schools of linguistics.

Provide an explanation of the different linguistic theories.

 Compare and contrast the various linguistic approaches.

Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented :

Increased use of IT or web-based reference material

Use Web-CT for uploading material

 Consistently change the list of readings

Processes for Improvement of Teaching :

Training sessions.

Workshops to facilitate the exchange of experiences amongst faculty members.

Regular meetings where problems are discussed and solutions given. 4. Discussion of challenges in the classroom with colleagues and supervisors.

Encouragement of faculty members to attend professional development conferences.

Keep up to date with pedagogical theory and practice.

Set goals for achieving excellence in teaching at the beginning of each new semester after reviewing last semester’s teaching strategies and results.

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