Prose and Style

What is the main purpose for this course

Students should be able to

Identify the main principles of various Discursive theories

Explain the historical development of the Discourse theory from Dijk, Fairclough to, to T-G Wodak.

Explain the earlier discourse theory, Aspects of discourse analysis and principles.

Explain the dominant notions of discourse according to Dijk.

Apply discourse analysis to varied language data

Briefly describe any plans for developing and improving the course that are being implemented:

·         Increased use of IT or web-based reference material

·         Use Web-CT for uploading material

·         There is a suggestion of a better choice of textbook.

·         Use of syntactic theories like X-bar, binding and government theories in analysing some texts.

·         Use of and for collaborative writing

Include e-books such as those from Gutenberg

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