Certificates earned from Department of Mathematics, University of the Punjab, Lahore

·         Programming

(ii)     FORTRAN 90                      (i)   G. W. BASIC

(v)  WORD PROCESSING          (iii)  D. BASE (III) PLUS         (iv) Maple 9

·         P. I. T. B (COURSES) University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi,  Pakistan

(i)                   Basic Computer Skills Programming              (ii) Basic IT Literacy Course 

        Nowadays working in Maple 9 and Scientific Work Place 5.5


Assistant Professor of Mathematics, College of Science, Majmaah University Alzulfi, KSA

Contact Information

Mobile Number  #  00966 (0) 597626606

Office Number  #  00966 (0) 16 4044171

Mathematics Department

College of Science, Alzulfi, KSA

Office Telephone #

00966 1 6 4044171

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