1. Internet facilities in shape of WI-FI for whole college area (by 3 Wi-Fi machines) for all staff and students.

2. Presently Solar Panels have been installed in the college for smooth functioning of the classes in scorching heat of summer season.

3. Dengue awareness through proper booklet and brushers for all the students and community

4. Established a new beautiful library.

5. Air Conditioned Computer Lab free for all students.

6. New staff room fully equipped with computers and internet (Wi-Fi) facilities.

7. Research Room for higher studies and research.

8. The college is now a research based institution, for example two teachers from the college have started research for M. Phil (Mathematics and Library Science) and other two lecturers have started doing Ph. D.

9. Kitchen Garden, First time in any college of the district, G. C. Darya Khan established kitchen garden in 2011.

10.  Supervising Three M. Phil Scholars.

11.  Got 30 publications out of 58 during this assignment as Principal.

12.  A well-equipped sick room (dispensary) has been established in G. C. Darya Khan.

13.  First time in the history of this college, took initiative to send study tour of the students of subject of social work to Lahore.

14.  Uniform of the students changed from Shalwar Qameez to Pent-Shirts.

15.  Prospectus has been upgraded from Urdu to English Language on latest standard.

16.  Established Chemistry, Physics and Biology Labs first time in the college since 2004.

17.  These labs are also for the use of Girls students from G. C. (W) Darya Khan.

18.  These all facilities and changes have taken place in the period of first six months of principal ship.

19.  Being Project Director of both the Govt. colleges (Boys and Girls) Darya Khan, got PC-I approved twice from the Government on 15-05-2012 & on 13-10-2012 for construction of separate buildings for both colleges.

20.  Succeeded to get sanctioned 20 Million for Girls College and 40 Million for Boys College from the special multipurpose Mega Project for tehsil Darya Khan of the Govt. of the Punjab announced by Present Chief Minister Punjab, Janab Khaadem e Aala Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

21.  Almost 75 percent work of the construction of both the colleges has been completed till 30-06-2013.

22.  In the year 2012-2013 the toppers of each monthly tests of all the classes from Ist year to IV year, (positions holders in December test even in Send-Up test) have been awarded eighty thousands rupees (Rs.80000) contributed by Dr. Farooq Ahmad, Mr. Mansoor Aalam Qureshi, Shoukat Paracha, Haji Anwar Paracha and Ex-MPA Sana Ullah Khan Masti Khel

23.  This year the amount will be increased for the same purpose up to 120 thousands rupees (Rs. 120000).

24.  First time in the history of the college since 2004, in the same year 2012-2013 many students got 400 Plus (429, 425, 423 etc) marks in F. Sc. Part First.

25.  On the basis of merit and hard work, this year Principal Dr. Farooq Ahmad Gujar, Muhammad Kamran Nasir Paracha Lecturer in Physics and Muhammad Ali Assistant Professor of Mathematics of the college have been awarded Gold Medals by Aapa Zakiya Shahnawaz, in a ceremony held in Alhamra Lahore.

26.  In the same year 20112-13, first time in the history of college Mushaira was conducted.

27.  In the same year 20112-13, first time in the history of college Annual Games were conducted.

28.  In the same year 20112-13, first time in the history of college Debates were conducted.

29. seminars

30.  Nadar Hussain a brilliant student won debates and stud first in consecutive years in Sargodha Division among all colleges in Chief Minister Debates Competition 2011 and 2012.

31.  Imran Aziz a brilliant student won essay writing and stud first in Sargodha Division among all colleges in Chief Minister Debates Competition 2011-2012.

32.  Shahwaiz, First Time any student of the college got 959 marks in BISE Exam for 2011-2013.

33.  HEC team declared Model College.

34. Result of B.A 2014 was 81% did Top in District Bhakkar and Third in Division Sargodha.

35. Result of F. Sc. 96% Top in Division in 2014.

36. Shahzoor, Student of FA got third position in Sargodha Board in 2014.



1. Ph. D  Mathematics, B. Z. U. Multan (Pb) with Collaboration of Victoria University Melbourne, Australia

2.  Gold Medalist  (Best Principal of Bhakkar District)

3.  Internship for Research Victoria University Melbourne, Australia

4.  M. Phil  B. Z. University Multan (Pb)

5. Computer courses and have good command on it since 1988

6. Courses from MPDD Lahore,  Accountability & Office management

7.  M. Sc University  Of the Punjab, Lahore (Pb)

8.  B. Ed, Gomal University, D. I. Khan, (KPK)

9.  59 International Publications

10.  Member Board of Studies of Mathematics, Sargodha University   Sargodha & Gomal University D. I. Khan

11.  Master Trainer of Election Commission of Pakistan

12.  Focal person of Election Commission in 2013

13.  Reviewing authority for Election Commission 2012

14.  Master Trainer for Hajj, Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan

15.  Presently supervising three M. Phil Students

16.  Editor of International Journals

17.  Reviewer of International Journals

18.  Presently working as Principal (BS-19), Govt. College Darya Khan

19.  Working as Project Director, Govt. College Darya Khan, (Bhakkar) since March 2012 to date

20.  Working as Project Director, Govt. College (W) Darya Khan, (Bhakkar) since March 2012 to date

21. Worked as Drawing and Disbursing Officer of Govt. Girls Inter College Mankera, (Bhakkar) 2011.

22.  Worked as Project Director, Govt. Girls Inter College Mankera, (Bhakkar) 2010-11

23.  Worked as Office In-charge of Govt. College Bhakkar from 1996 to 2011.

24.  Worked as In-charge of Computer Centre G. C. College Bhakkar from 2008 to 2009

25.  Worked as Law-Officer of the G. C. College Bhakkar from 1996 to 2011.

26.  Worked as Law-Officer of the office of District Education Officer (Colleges) Bhakkar from July 2008 to July 2009

27.  Worked as In-charge of Accounts Office affairs of the Govt. College Bhakkar from 1996 to 2011.

28. Vice Principal, Govt. Degree College Isa Khel (Mianwali) & G. I. C. Mankera (Bhakkar).


Assistant Professor of Mathematics, College of Science, Majmaah University Alzulfi, KSA

Contact Information

Mobile Number  #  00966 (0) 597626606

Office Number  #  00966 (0) 16 4044171

Mathematics Department

College of Science, Alzulfi, KSA

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00966 1 6 4044171

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