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أ.د. حمد ابو زايد

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Arabic Language-based Approach for Requirements Engineering

The term Requirements Engineering refers to this
part of a database development
cycle that involves investigating the problems and requirements of the users community and developing a conceptual specification
of the future system

Arabic language plays an important role during this
stage that has proved to be

crucial in the development of computerized systems.
The required acquisition of

application domain knowledge is achieved either
through documents and texts

analysis or by means of interviews i.e through
language manipulation. Similarly

validation of the specification is made via oral
discussions with users.

The paper proposes that Requirements Engineering
(R.E) should be supported by a

CASE tool based on a linguistic approach. It
presents a R.E support environment that

generates the conceptual specification from a
description of the problem space

provided through arabic language statements.
Complementary, validation is based on
texts generation from the conceptual specification
to arabic language. The paper
focusses on the linguistic approach, demonstrates its generality and overviews its

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