Dr. Kashif Shaikh Abdul Rashid Shaikh

Assistant Professor Hematopathology, College of Medicine

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Name:  KASHIF SHAIKH Father’s Name:  Abdul Rashid Shaikh                                                                                            

Marital Status: Married with two sons.

Address: Al-Majmaah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +966541629782

Date of Birth: September/ 19/ 1977

Nationality: Pakistani

Employment Status: Employed in Majmaah University as Assistant Professor.

Career Plans

To excel in the field of Hematology, by combining the skills & synergizing them with the practical experience acquired through professional education. To be able to mentor Medical Students of today into successful Medical Professionals of tomorrow.


October 2014 till date

Assistant Professor Hematopathology

Pathology Department, College of Medicine

Majmaah University, Majmaah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Main responsibilities:

Involved in Integrated Medical System of Education for MBBS students including, besides Lectures; Problem-Based Learning sessions, Case-Discussions and Seminars with Medical Students.

Conducting Directed-Student Learning sessions.

Taking part in Faculty Development Program.

Participating in continuous assessments, quizzes and examinations of Medical Students, including formulating MCQs and SAQs, as well as taking part in Invigilation and Paper-correction activities.

January 2014 till September 2014

Assistant Professor Hematology

NIBD Institute of Life Sciences, NIBD & BMT, Karachi, Pakistan

Main responsibilities:

Teaching students of MPhil/PhD of Hematology & Molecular Genetics & FCPS.

Designated Tutor for FCPS Hematology Residents.

Teaching & training Laboratory Technologists.

Analysis & finalizing Flow Cytometry Reports.

 July 2013 till October 2013

Acting Head of Department Pathology & Blood Bank Services

(In the absence of Dr Muhammad Nadeem)

National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation, Karachi, Pakistan

Main responsibilities:

Handling routine Administrative affairs pertaining to Laboratory.

Have acquired superior decision-making & managerial skills in dealing with Laboratory Staff.

Finalizing duty rosters of Laboratory Staff & Doctors.

Taking effective steps to ensure that Reporting is correct & timely.

Finalizing and signing-out Bone Marrow, Electrophoresis, Coagulation, Transfusion & Immunophenotyping reports.

Training MSc and MPhil Hematology students with Basic Laboratory skills and taking Lectures and Demonstration classes.

Reviewing and updating the Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures on a timely basis.

February 2010 till December 2013

Haematology Registrar

National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation, Karachi, Pakistan

Main responsibilities:

Have ample of work experience in different Departments of Haematology Lab.

Morphology Reporting Bench (Peripheral Blood & Bone Marrow Reporting with Special/Cytochemical stains & Immunohistochemistry).

Reporting Fluids (e.g. Cerebrospinal fluid, Ascitic Fluid & Pleural Fluid etc.)

Coagulation Bench (PT/PTTK, Mixing Studies).

Blood Bank (Group, Cross-Match, Direct Antiglobulin Test, Antibody Screen & Identification).

Have participated in Clinical Research Trial (Phase IV) for Chronic ITP as Sub-PI/Coordinator.

Experience & interest in Immunophenotyping by Flow Cytometry since December, 2012.

September 2011 till March, 2012

Pathologist (Evening)

Goolbano & Dr Burjor Anklesaria Nursing Home

Main responsibilities:

Incharge Laboratory.

Reporting of Peripheral-films & Blood counts.

Signing-out Hematology, routine & special Chemistry, Serology, Coagulation, Parasitology reports.

July 2008 to January 2010 Senior Hematology Post Graduate Resident National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation, Karachi, Pakistan

Main responsibilities:

Attained a greater level of confidence in managing patients, presenting both in Out-Patient Clinics, in Emergency and admitted in Wards.

Superior Communication skills in Patient & Family Counseling, regarding disease diagnosis, management options and outcome.

Able to report Peripheral Blood Films independently.

Able to perform and report Bone Marrow Biopsies independently.

Able to implement Internal and External Quality Control in the Laboratory.

Achieved enhanced skill level in giving Hematology Conference Presentations.

Acquired improved approach towards Research work, attended training courses, wrote Research Proposal, Poster & Dissertation (Research Manuscript).

Locum experience at Darul Sehat Hospital Laboratory in December, 2009.

Remained Chief Resident, responsible for handling day to day Post Graduate Student Affairs, preparing Rosters of Trainee Rotations, Duties and Presentations.

January 2006 to June 2008

Haematology Post Graduate Resident

Bismillah Taqee Institute of Health Sciences & Blood Diseases Center – Karachi, Pakistan

Main responsibilities:

Achieved sufficient understanding of laboratory hematology to offer basic advice on the interpretation of results.

Competent in the management of the hematology laboratory.

Managed patients with hereditary disorders, such as Hemoglobinopathies, Hemophilias & Primary Immunodeficiency.

Managed patients with congenital coagulation disorders.

Diagnosed & managed patients with Thrombophilia disorders.

Advised on Hematological problems arising in medical & surgical patients.

Managed issues relating to Bone Marrow Transplantation

April 2005 to January 2006

In-charge Medical Officers of Executive II & Special II Wards


Main responsibilities:

· Supervised, managed, trained & checked 12 medical officers in 2 Wards.

· Checked new admissions of last day: - patient’s laboratory reports’ collection (done or due), replaced (done or due), treatment-sheet maintained etc.

· Daily Patient’s file checking: - checked M.O work performance, proper history taking, follow-up of patients, Referrals, Treatment Sheets.

· Took round with Medical Officers, one by one on alternate days to check their dealing with patients & their clinical performance.

· Took individual round of patients to interact with the patients, and to collect their feedback about Patient-care in LNH and suggestions to improve these.

 January 2004 to March 2005

Medical Officer in the Department of Special/Executive Wards


Main responsibilities:

  • Worked in three shifts, Morning, Evening and Night shifts; monthly each.
  • When on duty, taking care of around 10 patients in a Ward; proper history taking; making referrals.
  • Coordinating with Consultants and Residents, and carrying out their orders properly.
  • Responsibility to receive patients; deal with new admissions/transfer-in patients from other wards; take care of post-operative patients.

2002-2003 House Job  in Medicine & Surgery

Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, Karachi Pakistan

With rotation in General Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, General Surgery, Radiology and Accident & Emergency


Bone Marrow Biopsy and Bone Marrow Harvesting

Apharesis (Plasmapharesis, Plateletapharesis, Leukapharesis, Chemotherapy administration)

Managerial Skills

MS Word, Powerpoint & Excel

Communication Skills


2013     College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan

FCPS-II (Haematology)

2005     College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan

FCPS-I (Pathology)

1997-2002     Sindh Medical College, Karachi Pakistan


1996              D.J Science College, Karachi Pakistan


1994              B.V.S Parsi Boys High School Karachi, Pakistan.



"Evaluation of Gel Microcolumn Technique against Tube Technique for Indirect Antiglobulin Testing to perform Red Cell Alloantibody Screening and Identification in Beta Thalassemia Major patients in terms of sensitivity and cost" - In Publication


“Importance of Immature Platelet Fraction in the Diagnosis of Immune Thrombocytopenia at the 37th Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists/ 2nd Joint Conference of Societies of Pathology” on 22nd October, 2013 (Secured 2nd Prize).

Assisted in facilitation of Flow Cytometry Pre-PAP Conference Workshop at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore on 19th Dec, 2013

"Molecular Epidemiology of β-Thalassaemia in Pakistan" at the Annual Conference of The Pakistan Society of Haematology (PSH) in Lahore, Pakistan on 25th Feb, 2012

“Evaluation of Gel Microcolumn technique against Tube technique for Indirect Antiglobulin Testing to perform Red Cell Alloantibody screening and identification in Beta Thalassaemia Major patients in terms of sensitivity & cost” in PSH Annual Conference “Haematology, The Next Decade” in Karachi, Pakistan on 18th Oct, 2009

"Febrile Neutropenia in Pediatric Allogeneic Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation" in PSH Annual Conference in Lahore on 10th March, 2007

Professional Membership

§ Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC)

§ Pakistan Society of Haematology – Pakistan Association of Pathologists


§ Dr.Khalid M. Alabdulwahhab
Consultant Ophthalmologist
Assistant Professor
Dean, College of Medicine
Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

§ Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Mansour

Assistant Professor Family Medicine

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies & Scientific Research

Faculty of Medicine

Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

§ Dr. Salah Ahmed Abdalraheem

Assistant Professor Histopathology

Supervisor, Department of Pathology

College of Medicine

Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

§ Dr Muhammad Nadeem

Consultant Hematologist & CPSP Supervisor

Head of Department Pathology & Blood Bank Services

National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation

Visiting Faculty Member, Dow University of Health Sciences

Karachi (Pakistan)

§ Dr. Mehwesh Taj

Consultant Clinical Hematologist & CPSP Supervisor

National Institute of Blood Diseases & Bone Marrow Transplantation

Karachi (Pakistan)


Sports; playing Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Reading Newspapers, Books etc.

السيرة الذاتية

Office Hourse

8-4 am



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