Physics is important to man’s life because it is used in

* Cooking food

* Cleaning clothes

* Watching TV

* Heating your house

* Playing sports

* Everything else in your life

· Physics plays an important role in health

· Economic development

· Education

· Energy and

· The environment.

Physics has had an increasingly important impact on the average person’s daily life. For example, Physicists played an essential role in the development of:

The Transistor-: The basis of all modern electronics, including radio, television, computers, and telecommunications.

The Laser And Laser Diodes: Now used widely in CD players, grocery bar code scanners medical treatment, and telecommunications.

The Digital Computer--much of the early development (and some of the most recent) have been motivated by basic research.

Fiber Optics: Now finding widespread application in high-speed data and voice transmission networks.

The Global Positioning System: Uses satellites and precise timing to allow positions to be allocated to within a few feet anywhere on the surface of the earth.

The Hologram: Uses on credit card, driver’s licenses, and other documents to prevent fraud.

The World Wide Web (W.W.W)--originally designed by physicist for one to be able to access the world.

Medical Imaging Techniques: Such as the sonogram, the CAT scan, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs).

Medical Treatment Techniques: Using radiation and charged particle accelerators.

New Micro-Sensors: For “smart machines” and “smart buildings,” faster and smaller computers, computer disks that can store information in a smaller space, improved chemical processing to help the environment and reduce energy use, faster and cheaper telecommunications.

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