A reminiscence from College of Engineering

My Vision Of A Teacher

Half of the teacher is born and half of the teacher is inculcated. A true teacher cannot afford to be stagnant or rigid. He is flexible enough to assimilate the impact of emerging trends to update his knowledge and skills. The challenge for the teacher is now two-fold - he has to update himself and, at the same time, he has to see how the learners, needs change with the fast changing world. The effective use of ICT, CALL (Computer Assisted Learning), Learning Management System like D2L, IWBs (interactive boards) etc. entirely depend upon the skills that the teacher possesses. He can make or mar the future of the learner. Modern technology in the classroom is the mean, not the end in itself. If this means is exploited well to enhance the creativity, constructiveness and innovation of the learner, the products of educational institutions will play a pivotal role in the dynamism of today's challenging professional life as well as in the community service.

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