Research&Seminar 1

Guideline for Writing a Scientific Paper


This guideline provides general information for preparing a manuscript for publication in the scientific literature. These are guidelines and the format you will follow to prepare your scientific manuscripts for this course. Follow these carefully and refer to them often while preparing reports. Use them later in your career to write scientific manuscripts.


In Research and seminar (1) (MDL – 416), we are going to give you what is probably your first experience writing a paper in the style used by scientists. This is neither an English nor a Biology course, so much of this will be unfamiliar to you. Learning how to communicate effectively using this style is extremely important for your career no matter what field of Biology you intend to pursue. This is the style used to publish written works in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dental Science, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Botany, Ecology, Conservation Biology, and a host of other disciplines. This is the style that journal editors, and perhaps your employer, will insist upon.

The best way to learn this style is to use it in writing and read it as it appears in the literature. In this course, you will practice the scientific writing style by using it to prepare your laboratory reports. You will also read examples of it that you will be given and that you will find in the current literature. In fact, one of your first assignments is to obtain (from the library or from an electronic source) a journal article of your choice, from a journal of your choice (any field or discipline of the biological sciences),

to use as an example and to attempt to emulate when you prepare your lab reports.


 Find a suitable article of your choice from a respected, peer reviewed journal (also of your choice) and use it as a model for your own writing. “Suitable” means that it has all the sections mentioned above, i.e., Introduction, Methods and Materials, etc…. Bring this article to class with you the first week and keep it handy to use as a general guide throughout the semester.

 Find the “Instructions for Authors” for the Journal in which your example article was published.

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