Modern Physics 351

Course Description

The principal objectives for this course are for student to learn the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of modern physics and to develop the ability to solve problems. Compared with previous physics courses, student will find that concepts have a greater emphasis here. Lectures are structured to help students understand the conceptual basis of modern physics and examples are designed to re-enforce those concepts.

Topics to be Covered

List of Topics

Chapter 1. Relativity

Special Relativity, time dilation, length contraction, mass and energy

Chapter 2. Particle Properties of waves

Electromagnetic waves, blackbody radiation, photoelectric effects, x-ray diffractions

Chapter 3.Wave Properties of Particles

De Broglie waves, waves probability, phase and group velocity, uncertainty principle, Particle in a box

Chapter 4. Atomic Structure

Nuclear atom, electron orbits, atomic spectra, bohr atom, energy levels and spectra, atomic excitations

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