Computer Skills

Course Description

This course aims to provide the students with advanced skills to operate and make use of a personal computer in different environments such as in academia, in business, and at home. The course introduces the students to the main concepts and terminologies of information technology, and equipped them with the knowledge to administer one of widely-used operating systems. The course also aims to provide the students with the practical skills to utilize an office productivity package for different purposes. The course will prepare the students to new learning methodologies, namely distance learning and e-learning. The delivery of the course contents will be based on a hands-on approach.

Course Contents

Introduction to information Technology

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Microsoft Word Processing

Microsoft Excel Data sheet

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Power Point Presentations

Microsoft IE Internet

Microsoft OutlooK E-Mails

E-Learning and Distance Learning

Course Outcomes

Upon finishing this course, the student should

Understand all the basic concepts of information technology and its related terminologies.

Have the advanced skills developed for the use of office productivity packages.

The ability to search through the Internet effectively.

knowledge of E-learning and distance education system and how they work and their benefits.

The ability to fully utilize an e-mail service.

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