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Autism Spectrum Di


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

General Resources

Note: The resources listed here are to provide families with possible resources they may seek for their child. The SEARCH center does not recommend, endorse or guarantee any particular service or intervention included in this list.

Contact: We have tried our best to include all of the local resources we are aware of. If you have an additional program, resource or service, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or (951) 827-3849.


Adult Gathering, United and Autistic (AGUA)

PO Box. 1755

Glendora, CA

Ken Brewer: [email protected]


A self-run support group for adults with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Meets every month in the Claremont area and meeting locations are rotated.


Autism Research Group

7231 Boulder Ave. #809
Highland, CA 92346
Phone: (909) 862-0351


Email:[email protected]

The Autism Research Group is a partnership of parents and children with autism and other developmental disabilities and professionals from a wide variety of disciplines involved in research and program development in special education. Formed by Stan Swartz, a professor of special education at Cal State San Bernardino.


Autism Research Institute (ARI)

Dr. Shivinder Deol at (661) 325-7452 or email: [email protected]

4000 Stockdale Hwy., Suite D, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Dr. Kurt Norman Woeller at (951) 461-4800 or email: [email protected]

41661 Enterprise Circle North, Suite 113, Temecula, CA 92590


Non-profit organization begun by Bernard Rimland that focuses on research, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of autism. ARI publishes a quarterly newsletter reviewing current autism research which costs for a year subscription. Information available in English, Spanish and French.



Coachella Valley Autism Society

77564 County Club Dr.

Palm Desert, CA 92255

(760) 772-1000

Email: [email protected]

The CVASA exists to provide support for families in the Coachella Valley and surrounding desert areas. All of the programs are offered at no charge to families with a child with autism.


Inland Empire Chapter


(909) 204-4142 x339

Provides information groups, social groups, Play and Learn Club, electronic newsletter, and resource guide for families and professionals dealing with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  


Autism Speaks


An organization devoted to helping individuals with Autism/ASD by funding research into causes, prevention, treatments and possible cures for Autism.  This organization also raises awareness about Autism by educating the general public on issues that people with Autism/ASD face.


Center for the Study of Autism

P.O. Box 4538, Salem, OR 97302


Collaborates with Autism Research Institute to provide resources and information on current issues and interventions in autism.



Cure Autism Now (CAN)

5225 Wilshire Blvd, #715, Los Angeles, CA 90036-4234

213-549-0500 or 888-8AUTISM


Cure Autism Now (CAN) is an organization of parents, clinicians and leading scientists committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in autism through raising money for research projects, education and outreach. Founded by parents of children with autism in 1995, the organization has grown from a kitchen-table effort to the largest provider of support for autism research and resources in the country. The organization's primary focus is to fund essential research through a variety of programs designed to encourage innovative approaches toward identifying the causes, prevention, treatment and a cure for autism and related disorders (description from CAN website). A free bi-annual newsletter is available for downloading.



Foundation for California State University, San Bernardino University Center for Developmental Disabilities

(909)-537-5495 or (760) 341-2883 x. 75495


Services families and children with autism in San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Provides supplemental services once weekly to children and parents. Services include direct instruction to children to increase socialization, communication and appropriate behaviors, support activities for parents and siblings, instruction for improved parenting, and activities to enhance the cooperation of schools and agencies that serve children enrolled in Center programs (description taken from CSUSB website).


Inland Counties Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities (IRC)

P.O. Box 6127, San Bernardino, CA 92412



[email protected]

Regional Centers are community-based, private, non-profit agencies which help people with a developmental disability obtain services and supports that enhance quality of life and increase independence, inclusion, and normalization (description taken from IRC website). Information also available in Spanish.


M.I.N.D. Institute

Medical Investigation of Neurological Disorders

UC Davis Medical Center

4860 Y Street, Room 3020, Sacramento, CA 95817



A research organization working to identify the causes of various disabilities and develop better treatments for neuro-developmental disorders that affect children, including autism.



The Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC)

P.O.Box 22010, Santa Ana, CA, 92702-2010



Regional Center of Orange County,within the spirit and mandate of the Lanterman Act,  assist persons with developmental disabilities, and their families, in securing and coordinating those services and supports which maximize opportunities and choices for living, working, learning and recreating in the community and which result in consumer satisfaction and quality services which stress human dignity and openness to innovation (description taken from RCOC website).




Asperger’s Syndrome




Site of Liane Holiday Willey, international author, motivational speaker and editor, consultant, freelance author, mother and wife who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome as an adult. Offers online access to members to podcasts, Liane’s articles, lesson plans that can be used at home or in the classroom, abridged presentations and the discounts on books and other items related to the AS world.




Website for families interested in home-schooling children on the autism spectrum.


Dr. Lars Perner


Dr Perner is presently the Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. His site consists of resources and free audio presentations the Dr. Perner has given.


Dr. Tony Attwood


Website includes Dr. Attwood’s papers, resources, and more related to Asperger's Syndrome. Also included in this website, is a wealth of information including extracts from research studies published in scientific journals.


OASIS: The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support Center and More Advanced Autistic People (MAAP)

PO Box 524, Crown Point, IN 46307


Email: [email protected]


A national non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and advice to families of more advanced individuals of autism and Aspergers syndrome. Also distributes several publications on autism and asperger’s syndrome.


Open Doors

Asperger and High Functioning Autism

Alta Loma, CA


E-mail [email protected]

This website provides information on social groups for kids 5-18. In addition, you will be able to view presentations by experts in the field, question and answer sessions, resource lists, and the opportunity to connect with other individuals facing the same challenges. Parent meetings are offered at the Kids' Club Meetings where kids are given a chance to practice their social skills.


Orange County Asperger’s Disorder Support Group

Barbara Forkish


Meetings allow adults, parents and children who are impacted by Asperger’s Syndrome, atusim or PDD-NOS to interact and gain support.




A group website for parents who have kids with MILD forms of disabilities on the autism spectrum.


Temecula Autism Aspergers Group


Perfect for people on the autism spectrum, parents, professionals, or anyone who wants to learn more about autism.



Autism-General Websites



Provides parents of children with autism other mentor parents. Website hosts a discussion board as well as audio talks about autism and links to other helpful resources such as advocacy rights.



Provides video interviews with top researchers and doctors in the field of autism.



Provides information regarding autism, diagnosis, resources and support groups.



Provides links to other autism websites and advice to parents with children on the autism spectrum.



A foundation that is dedicated to research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cures for autism.  This foundation is committed to raise funds to support all of their goals.  In addition, their objective is to raise awareness about autism and its effects to as many people as possible.



Provides resources such as job listings and recreational activities. Website allows members to post questions to specific experts within the autism field. Also provides information on upcoming conferences and workshops, including some online conferences.



Parent with Asperger’s Syndrome and a child diagnosed with autism created the website to disseminate information to other families.



A central, reliable source of information for families, individuals, and professionals dealing with developmental disabilities. In addition, Disability Scoop will offer original content on the issues affecting everyday life.



Moderated by Chantal Sicile-Kira, the national Autism and Adolescent columnist for the Examiner.com, Moms Fighting Autism is a monthly webinar service dedicated to helping moms who have children with autism. Each month new speakers that share their perspective on various autism topics. Offers an autism social network that connects moms coping with autism. Moms can use this network to upload photos, write journals and develop friend‘s lists.



Daily comprehensive digest of news and information about the world of autism sent right to your email for a small annual subscription fee. No ads, no spin.



Autism Research Group-Stanley Swartz, Ph.D., Professor of Education, Special Education Department, CSU, San Bernardino. Autism Research Group is a partnership of parents of children with autism and professionals from a wide variety of disciplines involved in research and program development in special education. Site includes a message board.



This website brings people together who are affected, in one way or another by autism.  By discussing, learning, and bouncing ideas around, parents and others learn about autism and how to deal with this developmental disorder.  



Website provides an arena for individuals on the autism spectrum to communicate with each other.















Behavioral Therapy




Offers a 10 hour online ABA course for caregivers and professionals who want to learn some of the basics of ABA.


Applied Behavioral Consultants (ABC)

2234 E 4th Street, Ontario, CA 91764

(909) 204-4142

Email: Maridith Resendez Gutierrez at [email protected]


ABC, Inc. utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis for students ages 3-13.  The Ontario campus classrooms provide a 1:2 teacher to student ratio.  The overall goal of this program is to prepare the student for reintegration into his/her neighborhood school.


Autism Behavior Consultants (ABC) Inland Empire Office

1880 Town and Country Dr # B101, Norco, CA 92860

(951) 737-6300


Provides in-home ABA programs as well as School Shadowing. Works with Inland Regional Center for early intervention programs and school districts.


Autism Partnership

200 Marina Drive, Suite C, Seal Beach, CA 90740-6057

(562)-431-9293 or (800) 816-9293


Email: [email protected]

Comprehensive program offers variety of behavioral services.


BEAMS - Behavior Education and Management Service

6921 Edison Ave., Chino,CA 91710

(909) 597-8570 x. 3

Email:[email protected]


First Five and Inland Regional Center clients only. Service areas are Riverside and San



B.E.S.T. Services, Inc.

411 South Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020


Hands-on approach to education using ABA strategies to children up to 10 years old.


California Psychcare, Inc.

4001 11th St., Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 346-4860

4500 California Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309

(661) 843-1930


 California Psychcare is dedicated to the practice of Autism assessment and intervention. Working together, a team consisting of educational psychologists, a clinical psychologist, and a behavior analyst to implement strategies to address the deficits and excesses evident in children with autism or other developmental delays.

Services are provided in a one-on-one setting, in either the home, school, or community.


Center for Autism and Related Disorders(CARD)

7145 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92504; (951) 686-2020

28991 Old Town Front St. #208, Temecula, CA; (951) 699-8640

513 W. Columbus St., Suite A, Bakersfiled, CA 93301; (661) 321-9700


Treats children with autism using an ABA approach and assists in the development of individualized treatment plans.


Center for Autism Research, Evaluation and Services- (CARES)

28999 Old Town Front St., Suite 201; Temecula, CA 92590

(858) 444-8823


Provides in-home ABA programs and school shadowing. Social Skills groups. Funded through Inland Regional Center and school districts. Services San Diego and Inland Empire.


Claremont Autism Center - McKenna College

500 E. 9th Street, Seaman Hall 235, Claremont, CA

(909) 621-8598


 A treatment and research center for children with autism and their families. Behavioral intervention is applied via direct therapy with the children and parent training. Staff consists of highly motivated college and graduate students. The Center focuses on research addressing speech and language, motivation, and social skills. Vendorized by Inland Regional Center.


Comprehensive Autism Center, Inc.

40485 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, Suite B-4, #146, Murrieta, CA 92563

(951) 813-4034


The Comprehensive Autism Center, Inc. (CAC), designs Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs which are inclusive and specific to each child. The programs are designed to address each child‘s area of need. Skill areas targeted include behavior management, cognitive skills, language/communication skills, play skills, socialization skills, motor skills, and daily living skills. The CAC utilizes the principles of ABA which have been researched and found effective to address the needs of children with autism. The methodologies utilized are Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET) which includes Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB).


Coyne and Associates

38975 Sky Canyon Dr., Suite 103, Murrieta, Ca 92563

(760) 634-1125

Email: [email protected]


 Offers an Early Intervention Program for children with autism younger than three years old; In-school services for children with autism and other developmental delays; a social skills program integrated within a typical preschool; and developmental, educational and behavioral evaluations. Services Orange and Riverside Counties.


David Adams, Behavior Consultant

9734 Winterberry Drive, Riverside, CA 92503

(951) 809-8488

Email: [email protected]

Board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Provides functional behavioral assessments (FBA's), PECS training, discrete trial training, task analysis, individual behavior consulting, or training/workshops.


Family Interact Program

Dr. Jose L. Fuentes, Ph.D.

24230 Barton Road, Loma Linda, CA


Inland Regional Center clients only. The Family Interact Program is a center-based, behavioral intervention program for families who have children with developmental disabilities. It is based on the Adaptive Independence Model and supports families in addressing behavioral problems that interfere with their child's ability to become fully independent.


Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center

Child Intensive Outpatient Program

1710 Barton Road, Redlands



This program is for youth, ages 8 to 13. The child intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed for children experiencing behavioral problems, family conflicts, and school-related difficulties. The program is projected for children who need more than outpatient visits with a psychiatrist or therapist, yet are not fitting for psychiatric hospitalization. Chiefly, the program is geared to help the whole family.


Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention (LIFE)

2910 Inland Empire Blvd. #114, Ontario, CA 91764

(909) 483-6300

Email: [email protected]


The Lovaas Institute aims to teach social and play skills, pre-academic and independent skills to children ages 2-8.


Pacific Child & Family Associates

9007 Arrow Route, Suite 215, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 980-5282


Provides ABA programs for home and school that include social skills training, DTT, and working on theory of mind skills. Works with Speech and Occupational Therapists. Also has family therapy, parent training and workshops available. Vendored with Inland Regional Center and School Districts.


Sunny Days Inc.

3602 Inland Empire Blvd., Suite B208, Ontario, CA 91764

(888) 847-7955 or (909) 382-0220


Early intervention services 0-3 years and an Autism Program for children 0-12 years. Offers a variety of programs: ABA; Verbal behavior; Discrete Trial; Pivotal Response Training; Floortime and TEACCH. Vendorized through Regional Center.


Total Services

(626) 355-5160


Services the High Desert, Riverside and San Bernardino county areas. Provides parent education; behavioral assessment/intervention; psychological/academic assessment; education advocacy, in- classroom support: ABA in home and school: community based instruction and integration; Floortime therapy and behavioral respite care. Vendorized through Regional Center and school districts. Will accept private pay and insurance.
















Book Publishers


Autism-Asperger’s Digest



Published bi-monthly by Future Horizons and provides reports from specialists in the field and offers tips that can immediately implemented. A one-year (6 issues) subscription is .95.


Autism Asperger Publishing Company

(877) 277-8254


An independent publisher specializing in books on autism spectrum disorders based on the latest research on ASD. Offers books that provide practical solutions for individuals with ASD, parents, teachers or others working or living with an individual with an autism spectrum disorder.


The Autism File

Email: [email protected]


The Autism File is a publication of the United Kingdom available to the US by ordering online and features interventions and therapeutic treatments for children with ASD.


Autism News of Orange County


Free collaborative publication to parents and professionals devoted to sharing research-based strategies, new educational approaches, best practices and experiences in the area of autism.


Autism Research Institute


Offers help in finding resources/support groups, educates parents on issues of autism, and provides a broad reference list of clinicians.


Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z


The books Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z and the Spanish version, Los Trastonos del Espectro de Autismo de la A a la Z by Barbara T. Doyle and Emily D. Iland can be purchased on this site.


Exceptional Parent



Online resource that provides information and support to families and professionals of individuals with autism.


Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

(800)-897-3202 to place an order

Peer-reviewed journal published quarterly (4 issues a year). Publishes current research highlighting issues associated with autism spectrum disorder.


Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders (JADD)

Discusses current research on autism. JADD is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly publication.





Publishes a variety of products including standardized tests, curriculum, and therapy materials. Products are appropriate for special education students and early childhood.


The Special Edge



Published by the California Department of Education bi-monthly. Informs parents on special education issues.


Resources in Special Education ("RISE")

3041 Olcott Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054

[email protected]

(408)-727-5775 x110

Onsite library for Parents Helping Parents that provides over 9,000 books and videos to parents. Materials must be checked out in person.


The Special Needs Project - Worldwide Booklist

3463 State Street, Suite H, Santa Barbara, CA 93101



Publishes books for teachers, parents and professionals in English and Spanish on ASD.


Starfish Speciality Press

(877)-782-7347 x3


Publishes Autism Spectrum Quarterly, subscription available.


Woodbine House



Publishes books, CD’s, DVD’s and professional resource on disabilities, inclusion and early intervention.



Note: The dentists listed below were recommended to the Coachella Valley ASA by local parents of children with autism.


Dr. David Shiess

39872 Los Alamos, Ste A1, Murrieta

(951) 698-8418


Dental Associates of Riverside

Dr. Gary Lee

3487 Central, Riverside

(951) 369-1001


Dr. Gary U. Okamoto

General Pediatric Dentist

77564 Country Club Drive #190A, Palm Desert, CA 92211



Dr. Paul Bell

12637 Hesperia Rd Suite A, Victorville


No one wears white so it is not scary to the kids.


Dr. Perri Putrasahan

Dentist & General Anesthesiologist

160 Luring, Suite F, Palm Springs, CA 92262



Dr. Robert Karl

42500 Bob Hope Drive, Suite A, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


Treats special needs patients ages 15 and older.


Golden Dental

11949 Hesperia Rd, Suite A, Hesperia

(760) 244-1212

Children and adults.


Just For Kids

Dr. Rick J. Nichols, DDS

104 E. Olive Avenue, Suite 200, Redlands

(909) 798-0604


Years of experience working with children with autism


Loma Linda University Pediatric School of Dentistry

Loma Linda

(909) 558-4222 or (800) 422-4558; choose option 1 and then 3


Provides a variety of dental services and specialties at low cost.


Dr. Michael Mauer, Pedodonist

322 North H St, San Bernardino

(909) 888-1301


Mount Hill Dental

1227 W Foothill Blvd, Upland

(909) 981-5083


Moreno Valley Children’s Dentistry

24104 Sunnymead Blvd, Suite C, Moreno Valley

(951) 247-5538


Redlands Dental Surgery Center

Dr. Russell O. Seheult

1180 Nevada Street, Suite 100, Redlands, CA 92374

(909) 335-0474















Note: There are no medical tests for diagnosing autism and an accurate diagnosis consists of a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s communication, behavior and developmental level. Additional testing may be completed to rule out other disorders and include a psychologist, speech pathologist, pediatrician or neurologist.


California Children Services (CCS)

Riverside Location

10769 Hole Avenue, Suite 220, Riverside, CA 92505




California Department of Education Diagnostic Center Southern California

4339 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032



Provides assessments requested by the school district. Recommendations from the evaluation are discussed with the school district and parents. 


Casa Colina

Dr. Margaret Bauman

255 East Bonita Avenue, P.O. Box 6001, Pomona, CA 91769-6001

(909) 596-7733 or (866) 724-4127


Provides autism-related therapies such as structured play groups, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, behavioral specialists and group meetings for parents.


Children’s Hospital of San Diego Autism Intervention Center (CAIC)


Bonnie Corbin

3020 Children's Way MC 5042 San Diego, CA  92123

(858) 788-9029 or email: [email protected]

Assists in comprehensive evaluations and specialized treatment plans


Dr. Alan Kwasman

6950 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 92506

(951) 686-8223


Alan Kwasman, M.D. is board certified in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. The office accepts many types of private insurances except Medi-Cal, IEHP, and Molina.


Dr. Kotomori (Quality Life Group)

Child, Adolescent Psychiatrist

6529 Riverside Ave Ste 133, Riverside, CA 92506

(951) 684-2627


Board certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and General Psychiatry. An expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Psychiatric Disorders.  Accepts insurance – call for more information.


For OC Kids

1915 West Orangewood Ave, Suite 200, Orange, CA 92868
(888) 962-5437 or (714) 939-6118

[email protected]


Located at the University of California, Irvine, For OC Kids is a collaboration between UCI and CHOC. Treatment services include speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy and focus on children between the ages of 0-5. In addition, evaluations for autism are provided. Website and services also available in Spanish and Vietnamese.


Future Generations Diagnostic, Treatment and Evaluation Center

Dr. Brian Chichester and Dr. Hsinya Chichester

(909) 363-6263 or (909) 553-0857

339 Cajon St, Suite B, Redlands, CA 92373


Services include behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs of children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. Additional full psychological testing, family therapy, support groups and social skills groups. Services are available in English, Spanish, and Taiwanese.


Inland Counties Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities (IRC)

1365 South Waterman Avenue. San Bernardino, CA 92408



Provides diagnosis and assessment. Also includes locations of various centers throughout the Inland Empire.


Loma Linda University, Division of Child Neurology

 Department of Pediatrics

2195 Club Center Dr. Suite A, San Bernardino, CA



Provide assessments for autism and treatment strategies.


Sunny Days Inc.

625 East Carnegie Drive, Suite 140, San Bernardino

(888) 847-7955 or (909) 382-0220


Vendored by the Regional Center.  Sunny Days provides early intervention services (0-3yrs.) such as Independent Initial Evaluations, Family-Centered Play Based Evaluations, Individual Home Services available for children with a diagnosis of Autism and PDD to include ABA and Greenspan/DIR and Sensory Integration. Also, specific assessments in fine motor, gross motor, speech, feeding, oral/motor, cognition, social-emotional development and behavioral assessments are provided.



Tarjan Center at UCLA

Semel Institute. 760 Westwood Plaza, Suite 67-467 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1759


[email protected]

Evaluates and provides consultation and behavior supports to families and professionals.






















Please note: As with the local dentists, the doctors listed here are known for having some experience with children with autism; however, what works for one family may not work for another.

Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) is a project of the Autism Research Institute and DAN! Doctors conduct their practices in accordance with the DAN! Biomedical approach. See their website for more information: www.autism.com/dan/index.htm


Dr. Alan Alexander


74075 El Paseo, Suite A-7, Palm Desert, CA 92260



Dr. Alan S. Coit


39300 Bob Hope Drive # B1108, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270



Dr. Alan Kwasman, Pediatrics

6950 Brockton Ave., Riverside

(951) 686-8223


Alan Kwasman, M.D. is board certified in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. Accepts many types of insurances except Medi-Cal, IEHP and Molina.


Dr Andrew Hsu

8283 Grove Ave, #202, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 982-8190

Pediatrician with experience with ASD.


Dr. Daniel J. Fitzgerald III


72624 El Paseo # C1, Palm Desert, CA 92260



Dr. Edwin I. Roth


46155 Portola Ave. Apt 309, Palm Desert, CA 92260



Dr. Ernesto Millan


39000 Bob Hope Drive # K211, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270



Dr. Gina Davis (DAN Doctor)


4050 Airport Center Drive Suite G, Palm Springs, CA



Dr. Ihor A. Galarnyk


42700 Bob Hope Drive # 308, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270



Dr. Priscilla Slagle (DAN doctor)

Holistic Physician

946 Avenida Palos Verdes, Palm Springs, CA 92262




Dr. Romon F. Fakhoury

Baldy View Healthcare

 1780 Town and Country Dr., Ste. #103, Norco (951) 270-0757

DAN Doctor and Family Practice.


Eclipse Medical Group

Dr. Allen Iseri

1820 Fullerton Ave. #230, Corona (951) 739-5944

500 S. Anaheim Hills Rd. #234, Anaheim Hills (714) 282 5437


Eclipse Medical Group is an exceptional team of individuals dedicated to the care of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Autism friendly and experienced.


Foothill Primary Care

Dr Tiffany Quan

7777 Milliken Ave, #140, Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 484-4900

Autism friendly.


Hope Wellness Center

Dr. David Mitzner, D.O

15982 Quantico Rd, Suites D & E, Apple Valley

(760) 242-8900


. Services include ABA, Acupuncture, Aquatherapy, Candida (Yeast) Protocols, Cranosacral Therapies, DAN! Protocols, Detox Treatments, Diet & Nutrition, early intervention, feeding therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Center, Music Therapy, Neurofeedback, Occupational Therapy (O.T.), Physical Therapy (P.T.), Psychiatry and Speech Therapy


Family Resources


ALMA Family Services

4701 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022

Phone (323)881-3799


Email: [email protected]

Various programs offered include after school programs, swimming, and a bilingual staff that offers family and peer support groups. Services available in Spanish.


Autism Support Group in Barstow

Amber Woods – (760)-910-1023

Anyone interested in activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, connecting with other families and/or parents looking for support & resources can call for more info.


Dr Theodore Gerard A. Caspe, M.D

12375 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga,

(909) 899-6969


Family practice – autism friendly.



Family Resource Network

1855 South Business Center Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92408-3426


Provides information and support to families of children with disabilities. Parent representatives are available to help families access services and resources within their communities.


HEARTS - “Helping Everyone with Autism Reach Total Success

Loma Vista Middle School, 110505 Arlington, Ave, Riverside, CA

Dennis Findly (909) 417-6769 or email [email protected]

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.



1840 S. Gaffey Street #317, San Pedro, CA 90731-5631

Email: [email protected]


Los Angeles Families for Effective Autism Treatment holds monthly meetings in Hermosa Beach with speakers presenting current research and practices in autism.


Moms of Special Children Support Group in the Menifee Area

Leasa - (951) 672-3410

This is a support group with primarily moms of autistic children however, we welcome all special needs. We meet to discuss services as well as any topics we may be struggling in such as sleep difficulties, behaviors and we celebrate the milestones our kids hit.

Parental Stress Hotline



Counseling and referrals available in 140 languages. 24-hour crisis telephone assistance for persons under stress. Telephone counseling primarily, but can also provide home visiting programs and respite care.


Parents Helping Parents (PHP)

1400 Parkmoor Avenue Suite 100., San Jose, CA 95126



Provides online resources, programs and an event calendar to promote parent education and access to services. Information also available in Japanese and Spanish.


Perris Support Group

Rob Reiner Center in Perris ―Model Autism Program

Melanie McGlaughlin (951) 683-0112 or Ruth Prystash 826-4638

Parent support group for Autism the Model Autism Program. Babysitting available and a sibling group.


Special Connections


Maryann Zamastil at (951) 699-9852

Julie Snell at (951) 699-3127 or email: [email protected]


Group for all Disabilities. Meets to discuss education and health issues, social integration and other topics. Monthly meeting and other social activities held throughout the year. Contact for dates and times. A social group for children 9-13.


TACA (Talk About Curing Autism Now)

Southern California Support Group



Corona Meeting the 3rd Saturday of every month- Heather Porter


1077 Civic Center Dr.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Bakersfield Meeting the 2nd Thursday of every month- Sue Backer

Dagny’s Coffee Company

1600 20th St.

Bakersfield, CA 93301

San Diego Meeting the 4th Tuesday of every month- Becky Estepp

Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Churhc

17010 Pomerado Rd.

San Diego, CA 92128

*Additional locations in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County


Unlocking Autism

 (866) 366-3361


 Assists parents of newly diagnosed children by providing direction through a parent-to-parent support hotline in an effort to network families across the country.






















Infant & Toddler Programs


ABI - Autism Behavior Intervention, Inc.


15910 Ventura Blvd., Suite 101, Encino, CA 91436


Provides assessment and one on one intervention for children ages 12 months through 8 years using ABA-based discrete trial and natural environment training.


Autism Spectrum Therapies


  • Los Angeles Country

6001 Bristol Parkway, Suite 200 Culver City, CA 90230


  • Orange County

1526 Brookhollow Drive, Suite 70. Santa Ana, CA 92705


  • San Gabriel Country

147 East Olive Avenue. Monrovia, CA 91016


Provides in home intervention in the areas of communication, social skills and play therapy for the ages of 0-4 years. Serves the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire

California Dept. of Developmental Services

[email protected]


Provides evaluative and appropriate intervention assistance for qualified children from birth to 36 months.


Carolyn E Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families

4164 Brockton Ave., Riverside, CA


Email: [email protected]

(951) 683-5193

The Wylie Center offers Home Programs and Center-Based programs for young children with special needs at the following locations:


  • Calvary Site (Toddler/Preschool Early Intervention/DayCare)

4495 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA (951) 369-8105 email:[email protected]

  • Grant Site (Infant/Toddler/Preschool Early Intervention/DayCare)

4011 14th Street , Riverside, CA (951) 680-1247

Email: [email protected]

  • Potomac Site (Preschool Early Intervention/Daycare)

7177 Potomac Street , Riverside, CA (951)784-0021  

Email: [email protected]

  • Cypress Springs Site (Infant/Toddler/Preschool Early Intervention/DayCare)

7850 Cypress Avenue, Riverside, CA (951) 710-1397

email:[email protected]

  • Autism Spectrum Intervention Clinic 4164 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, CA

(951) 683-5193


Early Start Family Resource Network

Inland Counties Regional Center

P.O. Box 6127, San Bernardino, CA 92412


Early intervention services through the Department of Education that may include, but are not limited to assistive technology, family training, assessment, respite services, and speech and language services.


Early Head Start

Riverside County Office of Education

Attention: Infant Circle

P.O. Box 868, Riverside, CA 92502


Focuses on the cognitive and social/emotional growth of infants and toddlers from ages 0-36 months. In addition, trainings are provided for families.


Inland Early Steps Services, Inc

1824 E. Elma Court, Ontario, CA 91764

(909) 974-0280 or (909) 974-0277


An Infant Developmental program vendored with Inland Regional Center. Provides 1:1

infant intervention, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.


Para Los Niños

Ontario, CA

(909) 230-6400


Provides workshops, parenting classes and family based services, emergency services and referrals, case management, home visitations, individuals, family and group counseling for low income or at-risk families with a child between the ages of 0-5 years. You must reside within the zip codes of 91764, 91762, 91761, 91730, 91763 or 91786.


Sunny Days Inc.

3602 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite B208, Ontario, CA 91764

(909) 476-6464

Email:[email protected]


Sunny Days Inc. is an Early Intervention Program that serves children from birth to three years of age with developmental needs.  Services are provided in family homes, child care settings, and other community locations.  The therapies used are ABA, DIR, and Sensory Integration.


Learning/Speech/Sensory Materials


Autism Coach


Offers products, software and information for children on the autism spectrum.


Autism Shop


An on-line Book Store that is packed with merchandise and information for individuals with ASD and those who love, care for, and educate them.


Autism Teaching Tools


Provides information on a variety of issues related to autism such as behavior issues, play, toys and games, education guides and videos. Appropriate for parents and teachers.


Beyond Play



Provides early intervention products for young children with special needs that includes products such as play toys, oral motor activities, furniture and books.


Childswork / Childsplay Center for Applied Psychology, Inc.



Products developed for therapy and classroom settings focusing on behavioral, social and emotional aspects for children.


Creative Communicating



Catalog available for downloading.


Different Roads to Learning



Different resources for children with autism. Most products stem from an applied behavioral analysis approach.


Dis-Abilities Online


An internet directory of information concerning all aspects of disabilities, broken down into categories.


Discount School Supply


Provides low price early childhood educational products.


Don Johnston, Inc.

P.O. Box 639, Wauconda, IL 60084



Provides literacy techniques through computer software that is available for in home or classroom use.




Sells products and provides downloads for educational activities.


Elliecards- Early Learning Images


An augmentative communication system using pre-printed picture cards. Pictures are realistic and laminated.


Fast ForWord- Scientific Learning Corp.


Provides intensive reading programs for various grade levels available on the internet and CD-ROM.


Greenhouse Publications


Develops interactive reading books and communication cards that can be used with augmentative communication systems.


IntelliTools, Inc.


Software available for students in K-8 who use assistive technology, are on an IEP, are English language learners or need extra educational support.




Produces products that promote early childhood development through play.


Lakeshore Learning Materials


A variety of educational activities geared toward elementary school students.


Laureate Learning Systems


Laureate produces special needs software that focuses on cause and effect, turn-taking, vocabulary, syntax, cognition, auditory processing and reading.


Learning Fundamentals


Sells programs for aimed to improve attention, language and speech. Materials are also available in Spanish.


Lingui Systems


Founded by speech and language pathologists, LinguiSystems produces materials for specific disabilities that promote language skills, mathematics abilities, reading, problem solving and memory.


Mayer-Johnson Co.


Provides picture communication systems. A product search guide allows users to search products based on theme, developmental stage and learning category.


Mobile Thinking, LLC


Produces software program that records and reports discrete trial information.


NASCO Special Education Instructional Supplies


Online catalog that provides a variety of products such as special education, health care, and nutrition products.


PCI Educational Publishing, Inc.


PCI materials support secondary and special education students.


Play with a purpose



Play With a Purpose makes available high-quality early childhood education resources and school supplies, including playground equipment, active play products, arts and crafts, literacy, math, and furniture to professionals at preschools, daycares, and other early learning facilities.


Pocket Full of Therapy



Occupational therapists began this product that provides pediatric and school-based products.


Pyramid Educational Consultants

226 West Park Place, Suite 1, Newark, DE 19711




Develops products for augmentative communication systems. The Picture Exchange Communication System was developed by this company.


Sensory Comfort


Items are sold for children who have sensory processing differences.


Sensory Time Center



A child development center specially designed for children with autism and other special needs. A place for parents and children to take what they've learned in their therapy sessions and put into practice at our center. Children are able to make progress through play and interaction.




A video on demand website for children with ASD and learners with other social learning and communication challenges. The site offers educational videos and support materials for children in the areas of: Social Skills, Adaptive Skills, Communication Skills and Motor Skills. The site also offers users FREE online access to educational videos for children with printable activities.


Southpaw Enterprises


Southpaw manufactures sensory integration, developmental products and pediatric therapy equipment.


SporTime-Abilitations and Integrations



Develops products that address the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, adapted physical education, home use and school.


The Disability Link Barn


Provides links on various disabilities.


Tuned in to Learning


A music-assisted learning curriculum for special education, designed to help children and teens with autism, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, brain injury, learning disabilities, speech disorders, orthopedic impairments, and other learning needs.



Legal Rights/Advocates/Attorneys


ADA Home Page


Government website that provides info. on the Americans with Disabilities Act and links to publication about ADA.


California Association for Parent-Child Advocacy (CAPCA)


A statewide organization that deals with both legislative and policy initiatives that affect the education and lifelong outlook of students with disabilities in California.  In addition, CAPCA offers several programs to families and children with disabilities. Membership is required to access the member section of the website.


California Dept. of Education, Specialized Programs

1430 North Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


800-926-0648 Weekdays 9-4 PM

Provides information on special education current issues, family resources, laws, and services for students between the ages of 3 and 21. Includes downloadable information on parent’s rights and a detailed description of ensuring special needs students are receiving the programs and services they need. Includes a phone line to provide assistance on information and resources for families, educators, and advocates


California Disability Community Action Network

Sacramento, CA


Up-to-date information on legislation and news affecting the disability community.


California State government legislative site:



Cathy S. Holmes

Best, Best, and Krieger, LLP

3750 University Avenue, Suite 400, P.O. Box 1028, Riverside, CA 92502

(951) 686- 1450



Christina M. Cameron

Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff and Holtz, A Professional Corporation

2488 Historic Decatur Road, 2nd Floor, San Diego, CA 92106

(619) 232- 3122



Community Access Center (ACESS)

6848 Magnolia Avenue, Suite 150, Riverside, CA 92506; 951-274-0358

81-730 Hwy 111, Suite 2, Indio, CA; (760) 347-4888

550 E. 6th St, Beaumont, CA; (951) 769-8539


The mission of Community Access Center is to empower persons with disabilities to control their own lives, create an accessible community and advocate to achieve complete social, economic, and political integration. Will attend IEP or IPP meetings for Regional Center (description from ACESS website).


Community Awareness for Special Kids

3857 Schafer Ave., Suite A, Chino

Memi Iriye: (909) 248-1314 or [email protected]

(909) 714-4523 in Spanish


Constance M. Taylor

Law Offices of Margaret A. Chidester & Associates

17592 17th St Ste 300

Tustin, CA 92624

(714) 730-8447


Daniel Hantman, Esquire

4072 Chestnut Street, Riverside

(951) 784-4400

Accepts Social Security cases for both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties


Developmental Disabilities Area Board #11 (Orange County)

2000 E. Fourth Street, Suite 115, Santa Ana, CA 92705


Email: [email protected]

One of thirteen board offices of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.


Developmental Disabilities Area Board #12 (Riverside, San Bernardino)

650 E. Hospitality Lane Suite 280, San Bernardino, CA 92408

800-962-8073 or 909-890-1439


Email: [email protected]

One of thirteen board offices of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities.


Disability Rights Advocates (DRA)

2001 Center Street, Third Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704-1204


A non-profit legal group focused on protecting and advancing the rights of the disabled. DRA does not charge their clients for their services.


Disability Rights Legal Center

919 Albany Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Main info: (213) 736-1031


Formerly known as the Western Law Center for Disability Rights, this organization, which is located at Loyola Law School, provides legal services for people with disability rights.


Ellen Scott Elliott

Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann, and Girard, A Law Corporation

1675 Chester Avenue Suite 320, Bakersfield, CA 93301

(661) 864-3800





 Legal resource website with information on attorneys (sorted by practice area and location), laws, and other basic legal information. 


Gregory A. Muir

The Law Offices of Young Woldridge LLP

1800 30th Street, Fourth Floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301

 (661) 327-9661

(800) 350-9669



Inland Counties Legal Services Inc.

(888) 245-4257

Offices in Blythe, Indio, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, San Bernardino, Victorville

ICLS is committed to secure justice and equality for low-income persons who otherwise would not have access to the judicial system. ICLS offers high quality legal assistance through advocacy and community legal education. ICLS is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and receives federal, state, and local county funding.


Inland Counties Regional Center for Developmental Disabilities (IRC)

Street: 1365 South Waterman Avenue

P.O. Box 6127, San Bernardino, CA 62412-6127



Serves individuals with disabilities and provides a consumer service coordinator to families.  Also contains a section where questions may be submitted to IRC staff.


James E. Dunn

Law Offices of James Dunn

550 West C. Street, Suite 1960, San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 234-5778


Janice S. Cleveland, Esquire

5041 La Mart Drive, Suite 230, Riverside

(951) 680-9195

Specializing in advocating for children in or needing special education, including due process hearing, federal court proceedings & retaliation suits.


Joyce E. Paul

Parker & Covert LLP

East Building, Suite 204, 17862 East Seventeenth Street, Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 573-0900



Law Office of Ralph Lewis

40960 California Oaks Rd, Ste. 267, Murrieta

(951) 696-4777

Specializes in the representation of classified children in disputes with school districts pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


Law Offices of Vivian McPayah-Obiamalu, Esquire

13831 Roswell Avenue Suite 1, Chino (909) 548-3498


 Practices in a number of areas including Special Education Law. Services include IEPs, Mediation, Due Process, harassment and discrimination.


Maria E. Gless

Best, Best, and Krieger, LLP

3750 University Avenue, Suite 400, P.O. Box 1028, Riverside, CA 92502

(951) 686-1450



Office of Clients Rights' Advocacy (OCRA)

Inland Regional Center

(909) 890-4798


OCRA is a statewide office run by Protection & Advocacy, Inc. through a contract with the California Dept. of Developmental Services. Chiefly, OCRA employs a Clients Rights' Advocate at each regional center.


Protection & Advocacy, Inc. (PAI)

So. Calif. Office

3580 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 902, Los Angeles, CA 90010



Informs, trains, and advocates for people with disabilities.  Also provides information in multiple languages.


Skip Field, Esquire

3877 Twelfth Street, Riverside

(951) 750-2502


Practices Special Education Law. Serves Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties.


Susan Moroff, Special Education Advocate

(760) 727-2473

Serving San Diego, Riverside and Orange County California.

Can help develop an Individualized Educational Plan to obtain social, emotional and educational goals, assessments in areas of suspected disabilities, receive services specifically designed for your child‘s special needs and help determine the best placement for your child. Free Consultation.


Team of Advocates for Special Kids (TASK)

100 West Cerritos Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92805; (714)-533-8275

Inland Empire: Elias Alvarado (909) 890-9560


A non-profit organization that provides training, resources, referrals, and awareness of community programs to persons with disabilities, their families, and educators.  Information is available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.


Woodsmall Law Group


2600 Mission Street, Suite 200, San Marino, CA 91108


Specializes in protecting and advancing the rights of children with disabilities in areas related to access in the community and educational system.


Vivian McPayah-Obiamalu

Law Office of Vivian McPayah-Obiamalu

13831 Roswell Avenue, Suite I, Chino, CA 91710

(909) 548-3498




Provides thousands of articles and free resources regarding special education.  Informs parents on special education laws and provides trainings around the country.





AbilityFirst Claremont Center

480 South Indian Hill Boulevard, Claremont



Provides the community with after-school children’s programs and a Recreation and Leisure Program for children and adults with physical disabilities and developmental disabilities, such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and epilepsy. The after school program is open Mon –Fri for ages 5-22. The Recreation and Leisure Program is for ages 18 and up.  These activities are vendored by the Inland Regional Center. 


Ability First-Camp Paivika

San Bernardino National Forest

(909) 338-1102 x. 102


Year round camp programs in the San Bernardino National Forest for kids with special needs ages 7 and up. Camp last from 5 to 6 night and serve children, teens and adults with disabilities. Horseback riding, archery, swimming, cookouts and campfires are some of the activities campers participate in.


Camp Able

6771 Dicenza Way, San Diego, CA 92119

Jenelle Nettles


[email protected]

A camp located in Coronado, San Diego that operates for 10 weeks each summer. Provides sailing and swimming activities for students ages 6+ with disabilities at Silver Strand State Beach.


Camp Big Springs -Big Springs School

11650 Perris Blvd., Moreno Valley, CA 92557; (951) 488-0404

24977 Washington Ave., Murrieta CA 92562; (951) 304-9656


A specialized day camp geared to students with for children 6-14 learning disabilities, poor social skills and/or occupational therapy needs. The camp is affiliated with Big Springs Center and a certified occupational therapist assistant. Students will work on game playing, team building, self-esteem, and much!


Camp Forrest

Joshua Tree, CA


[email protected]


An overnight camp that integrates learning between children with disabilities and children without disabilities to further abilities and social skills of each.  Features rock climbing/repelling, archery, and rope challenge courses


Casa Colina Outdoor Adventure Program & After School Program

255 East Bonita Avenue, Pomona, CA 91769

(909) 596-7733 x2200 or (866) 724-7427 x 2200


A program that enables those with disabilities to work on their social skills, friendships, and physical skills while experiencing the outdoors.

After School Program is eight weeks and are held on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm to 5pm. Pre-program screening is required.

Summer Day Camp runs Monday- Friday from 9am to 12pm for 4 week sessions.


Center for Individual Development

8088 Palm Ln., San Bernardino, CA 92410

Cynthia Avorado Crawford (909) 384-5426

Offers two recreation therapy groups: the Sunshine Club is for ages 4 and up (11-5 pm, M-F), the “Merry Mixers” is for ages 25 on up and meets (T-Th, 9:30 am-12:30pm). Small monthly fee of for SB residents and for non-residents. Swimming groups M, T, Th, F from 2:45-4:45pm and individual exercise with a lifeguard W,F from 12-1:45pm. Small monthly fee of for SB residents and .50 for non-residents.


City of Ontario Parks and Recreation – Adapted Program


 The Armstrong Center (909) 395-2020, Senior Center (909) 395-2021.

Activities are for individuals who are self-sufficient and able to function in a group environment without causing harm to themselves or others, or disrupting the group. Pre-registration and payment required at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled activities are required. Activities include dining out monthly, a bowling league, dance lessons and a Social Club every Saturday morning.


Crossroads Christian Church

2331 Kellogg Ave, Corona


Jennifer Felix (951) 737-4664 x3023 or [email protected]

 Diana Wilcox, 737-4664 x3081 or [email protected]

Offers Bible study classes for cognitively disabled teens and adults on Tuesday 6:30-8pm and Friday night live bible study.



E.E.K. Fitness (Exceptionally Excited Kids)


San Jacinto & Hemet

Erica Sandoval, Co-Executive Director (951) 375-6906

Email [email protected]

E.E.K. is a nonprofit organization for all special needs individual’s ages 2- 25. Individuals participate in exercise, play, socializing, non-competitive games, and nutrition to bring children and adults with special challenges into the best possible condition within their disabilities. There is also a Basketball Program for Kids and Young Adults with Disabilities on Saturdays.


IncredAble Programs in Rancho Cucamonga

(909) 477-2760 x 8055 to register


City of Rancho Cucamonga Community Services offers those with developmental delays a variety of sports such as basketball, cheer, volleyball, bowling and soccer. Singing and dancing classes are also offered. Monthy Friday night fun club available for teens ages 13 and up, small fee required.

Additional classes such as martial arts, dancing, self-defense and basketball available.



JAF Ministries Camp



Bakersfield Office: (661) 587-6846 or Email: [email protected]

A camp that is perfect for the entire family. Camping activities include fishing, beach area, swimming pool, tennis court, spa, coffeehouse and a 50’s style dinner and religious worship.


Jumping Jacks

11138 Elm Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909) 989-6820


Email: [email protected]

Educate Advocate has a play group the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6-9 PM.

Say “Educate Advocate” at the door and it is for the kids to go bounce. Parents are no cost..





Website that provides listing of camps for kids with special needs by region of the United States and Canada. Information provided in Spanish.


Kris’ Camp

General inquiries: (801)-733-0721 or Michelle Hardy (CA): (602) 366-5867

Email: [email protected]


Non-profit organization that provides camp for children with autism and respite for the families. In addition, a new “I Can Camp” program is less therapy-oriented and involves a 3-night stay over experience. Camp is held in the San Jacinto Mountains in Idyllwild, Southern California.


Mary and Friends, Inc.

(562) 691-1575

Christine Rico, Director

Linda Jones, Associate Director (949) 677-0961

Email: [email protected]

Featuring community integration in day settings or inclusion programs in a 1:1 individualized manner to help students acquire independence, communication and functional life skills. Serves children ages 5 and up, 7 days per week. Funded through Regional Center and private pay accepted.


My Gym

Local locations in

Anaheim Hills: 714-695-0440

Chino Hills: 909-597-6563

Irvine: 949-552-5446

Newport Beach: 949-261-5252

 Palm Desert: 760-346-6307


Age-appropriate classes for kids from 3 months to 9 years.


Pegasus Riding Academy for the Handicapped

35-450-B Pegasus Court

Palm Desert, CA 92211


Email: Robin Montgomery at [email protected]


Horseback riding for children with special needs.


Sensory Time in Murrieta

41421 Date Street, Suite 101

Murrieta, CA 92562

(951) 600-0305

Monthly Play groups: Miki Park at (951) 662-1755

Email: [email protected]

Meets the second Saturday each month at Sensory Time in Murrieta at 10am. Cost in per child- crawlers and parents are free. Bring your own lunch!


Speech and Fun Day Camp


Karen Affinito or Betty Lozano at (951) 544-4200 or (951) 686-0540

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

per camper hosting children from ages 3 to 8 years old diagnosed on the autism spectrum.  Campers will have lots of fun horseback riding, swimming, bowling, playing soccer and water fun.  The fun activities will focus on speech and social skills; the camp staff will include speech and language pathologists, teachers, behavioral therapists and more.  This camp is sponsored by the Riverside Medical Foundation, Riverside Medical Clinic, and the Grove Community Church.


United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire



The Skillbuilders programs brings social groups for kids 8-18 together for social activities involving team sports, field trips and crafts.


V.I.P. Girls Teen Club

Kayla & Kim Schwing

 (760) 900-4399 or email: [email protected]

This group available for girls ages 13 to 22 years in the High Desert. This Club's purpose is to celebrate girlfriends and to have fun! The plan is to meet twice a month; Once to cook dinner, create things, dance or do something fun together at our homes. Then meet a second time to go on an outing/field trip. Call for more information.




Enter your zip code into the YMCA website to locate local organizations. Ask if the closest location has staff trained to work with kids with autism.


















Schools/Education Assistance


Applied Behavioral Consultants (ABC)

2234 E 4th Street, Ontario, CA

(909) 204-4142


ABC, Inc. utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis for students ages 3-13.  The Ontario campus classrooms provide a 1:2 teacher to student ratio.  The overall goal of this program is to prepare the student for reintegration into his/her neighborhood school.


Big Springs Center & School

1189 Iowa St, Ste A, Riverside

(951) 787-0408


New class for Asperger‘s or High Functioning Autism (HFA). The class co-taught by a special experienced education teacher and school psychologist. Occupational therapy, language therapy, and social skills training is available. Class seeks to improve the student‘s social interactions, impulse control, flexible thinking, time management skills, compliance, emotional regulation, peer awareness and a variety of other skills necessary to build and maintain friendships and succeed academically in the traditional classroom. Social rules and norms will be explicitly taught using social stories, comic strip conversations, role playing and modeling. The student to teacher ratio will be no more than 12:1.


Californians for Inclusive Schools (CIS)


Works to influence legislation to increase accessibility to high quality, inclusive schools for children with disabilities.


Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth & Families

4164 Brockton Ave., Riverside

(951) 683-5193


The Wylie Center is a licensed California non-public school which serves children up to age 12 with special medical and educational needs. Children who are part of the elementary program are primarily diagnosed with Autism, emotional/behavioral problems, and severe mental/physical disabilities.


Choice 2000 On-Line School

755 North A Street, Perris, CA 92570

 (951) 940-5700


Grades 8 – 12 Charter School. May be appropriate for students with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism that do not require supportive services. Will not accept special education students. Instruction also includes a live online virtual classroom environment, the ability to receive and turn in homework assignments online as well as a secure online assessment environment. All classes are held in real-time from your computer at home and take place throughout the day with different periods in the same way as a traditional high school. Thus, it is not a self-paced learning environment or an adult education school. Choice 2000 runs on the trimester model helping students achieve early graduation or credit recovery.


Circle of Inclusion


Discusses effective inclusion practices for children from 0-8 years. Information is also available in Spanish and in Asian languages.


Julian Charter School

P.O. Box 1780, Julian, CA, 92036

Riverside County

Contact: Laura Badillo at 951-304-3051


This charter school offers online tutoring, blended courses and K-12 education personalized for your child.



1720 Mountain View Ave, Loma Linda, CA 92354

 (909) 796-3312 x 132


Pediatric Day Health and Preschool. Providing a safe health oriented environment for medically fragile children integration into a regular preschool setting. Nurses and teachers on staff. Has also had some children with autism if accompanied by an aide or tutor.


Kings Schools

67-675 Bolero Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262

(Preschool): 760-324-7381

(K-8): 760-324-5464

Students enjoy small classes and religious education. Spanish instruction is available.


Leroy Haynes Center- Featuring a School for Autism

233 West Baseline Rd.

La Verne, CA 91750

(909) 593-2581


Email: [email protected]

Offering a highly structured environment in fully equipped elementary, middle school and high school classes, in this non-public school. Also offering housing for children in the welfare system and transitional living apartments for children who have aged out of the foster care system. Services include mental health services, behavioral therapy, social skills, parent training, community based instruction and sensory integration programs.


Oak Grove

24275 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, Ca 92562; (951) 677-5599

23115 Rider St., Perris, Ca 92570; (951) 238-6022

Email: [email protected]


A nonprofit 24-hour residential and educational treatment center that serves children who live on the campus site and day students that go to their nonpublic school day program.    The school serves students from districts throughout California.  Chiefly, the school offers Designated Instructional Services (DIS) of Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, community college classes, and partial mainstreaming.


Riverside County Office of Education SELPA, Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

951- 940-6104


CAC is a team of parents with special needs children who ensure their students are receiving appropriate services.


Riverside County Office of Education

Early Start Infant Circle Program

(Designed for Birth to 3 years)



Riverside County Office of Education

Resource & Referral: 2300 Market St Ste 200, Riverside, CA 92501

(951) 826-6626


Subsidized childcare: 3939 Thirteenth Street, Riverside, CA 92501




Skills for Success

1217 Sixth St., Suite 2D, Norco, CA, 92860

 (951) 858-1643

Email: [email protected]


Provides educational therapy, consultation and coaching to families of children with and without special needs. Once areas of strengths and needs have been identified through parental input and academic assessments, recommendations for improvement can be provided. An educational plan can be developed to ensure academic and emotional success for each child and their family.


Sunrise School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

13130 Burbank Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

(877) 994-3588


Provides day school for students between the ages of 5-22. Sunrise School provides a highly individual curriculum focusing on hands on learning. A central focus of the program is independent living skills training.


UHS Schools

11980 Mt. Vernon Ave., Grand Terrance, CA 92313; (909)-783-8420

9994 County Farm Rd., Riverside, Ca 92503(951) 785-0504

8968 Archibald Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909)-944-3765

Victorville (760)-241-8386

Hemet (951)-766-6020


Formerly known as the Keystone Schools, UHS Schools are year-round, non-public schools serving students who have been designated with emotional disturbances and students with autism or developmental disabilities grades PK-12. Our students are referred to us by contracting school districts and Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) located in the surrounding counties.


Village Glen School

13130 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

(818) 781-0360


Village Glen School is a unique therapeutic day school designed for children with challenges in the areas of socialization, communicative and pragmatic language development and peer relations. Many of the students at Village Glen experience special needs associated with Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning autism, anxiety-related disorders and non-verbal learning disabilities











Social Skills Groups

*See speech programs also offering many social skill groups as well.



Best Buddies



Provides a peer pal for students with developmental disabilities in middle school, high school and college. Online buddies are also provided.


Carla S. Hix, Psy. D.

40 N. Altadena Dr., Suite 200a

Pasadena, CA 91107



Email: [email protected]

Social skills groups for ages 4 through adult. Parenting skills groups, consultation, and working memory training available.


Christian Counseling Service

51 W. Olive Ave, Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 793-1078


Features teacher-child interaction program and parent-child interaction therapy for children ages 2-6 years. Additional floortime therapy for children ages 2 and up, parenting classes, teen groups, and dance class.


Desert Behavioral Health

Dr. Kevork Iskenderian

Dr. Brailow

16195 Siskiyou Rd Suite 120A, Apple Valley, CA 92307

(760) 946-2070


A Family Counseling Corporation, provides behavioral health services to the Victor Valley. We offer individual, family, child and couple therapy; medication management and EAP services. Groups and classes include Anger Management and Parenting groups for adults; ADHD, Social Skills, and Divorce Recovery groups for children. Some classes are presented in Spanish. Most medical insurances are accepted.


Dr. Lori A. Harral

41690 Ivy St., Suite B, Murrieta, Ca 92562

(619) 929-2528


For children ages 7 to 12 years, Super Social Skills is an ongoing social skills group for children who have been identified as in need of assistance with social competency. The initial assessment is free. Groups are per session thereafter and many insurance companies will reimburse.


Let’s Communicate, Inc.

Marcey Utter, Speech/language Pathologist

79-440 Corporate Center Dr., Suite 113, La Quinta, CA 92253

760-564-4726 or 760-574-6157

Pediatric speech, language and social skills therapy practice.


Lucid Speech and Language Center

11870 Pierce St. Suite 270, Riverside, CA 92505; (951) 808-5850

25102 Jefferson Ave., Suite D, Murrieta, Ca 92562; (951) 461-1190

Email: [email protected]


Now offering social skill groups for children ages 4-6; 7-12; and 13-18 in Riverside County. Health insurance may be able to pay for the classes with Lucid.


















Speech & Occupational Therapy



California Hawaii Elks Project


Provides services to children with disabilities at no cost to families.

·         Charlene Brown, South Regional Supervisor;  (951)-677-2778

24070 Crowned Partridge Lane, Murietta, CA 92526

·         Mavis Johnson, O.T.; (951)-693-4787

30137 Mira Loma Drive, Temecula, CA 92592

·         Nancy Higbee, S.L.P. (birth to 3 only); (951)-780-9237

21230 Oaknoll Drive, Perris, CA 92570

*Also see Big Bar, Bishop, Hesperia, Palmdale and Victorville locations


Caring Communication Speech & Language Services

P.O. Box 311010, Fontana, CA 92331

(909) 543-1763


Email: [email protected]

 Caring Communication Speech & Language Services is a private practice providing assessment, intervention, and consultation services to address a variety communication needs to individuals aged 18 months to 18 years of age. Services include functional assessment and intervention, augmentative/alternative communication, and individual and group social skills training. Funding sources include private pay, regional center, and school contracts.


Childrens Learning Connection Inc.

18350 Mt. Langley #105

Fountain Valley, CA 92708



Specializes in Speech and Occupational therapy based on up-to-date research.


Corporate Talks (CT) Speech and Language Services

41593 Winchester Road, Suite 203, Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 296-0286


Email: [email protected]

 Corporate Talks is a private practice speech-language pathology group servicing Southern California (Riverside & San Bernardino counties). Experienced in working with non-verbal and verbal autistic children. Accepts Tri-care insurance for military families and is working on accepting more insurance types.


Creative Communication Counseling

2961 W. Mac Arthur Blvd., #127

Santa Ana, CA 92704



Family focused pediatric speech therapy given in private and public settings.


Diane Elizabeth Williams, MS

7024 Airway Ave.

Yucca Valley, CA

Speech therapy


Inland Children's Therapy, Inc.

1001 E. Cooley Dr, Suite 101, Colton

(909) 783-1111

Physical, occupational and speech therapy.


Joanne Abrassart, MA, CCC-SLP

43763 Butternut Drive, Temecula, CA

(951) 699-8336 Private practice speech therapist.


Judy Morgan

77564 Country Club Dr., Palm Desert 92211

(760) 772-7545

Speech and Language Pathologist


Lucid Speech & Language

11870 Pierce St. Suite 270, Riverside, CA 92505; (951) 808-5850

25102 Jefferson Ave, Murrieta (951) 461-1190


Dedicated exclusively to the speech and communication needs of children, from infants to adolescents. Provides complete speech and communication evaluations, assessments, therapy, and therapeutic programs for children with a wide range of speech conditions.


Mavis Johnson, O.T.

30137 Mira Loma Drive, Temecula, CA 92592



Nichols Speech and Language Services

41689 Enterprise Circle N. Unit 118

Temecula, CA 92590

(951) 541-0615


Email: [email protected]

Serving private family speech therapy for children 18 months to 18 years.


Playworks Center for Development and Learning

112 11th Street, Redlands, CA 92374

(909) 792-0543


Provides speech pathology services, assessment, intervention and consultation to families of young children with ASD. Services also include occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, social skills groups, and consultation. Funding sources include health insurance, private pay and some school district contracts.


Rolling Start, Inc.

 570 West 4th Street, Ste #107
  San Bernardino, California 92401

 (909) 884-2129


An independent living center that provides services to adults.



Speech and Language Development Center

8699 Holder Street, Buena Park, CA 90620



Services provided for children between 6 months and 21 years. Speech and language, counseling, occupational and physical therapy services are available.


University of Redlands- Truesdail Speech Center

1200 East Colton Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373-0999



Evaluates individual and designs program for speech services.



Temecula Valley Therapy Services

41769 Enterprise Cr. N., Ste. 101, Temecula

(951) 303-8255


Offers a variety of services including a complete diagnostic and therapeutic speech-language pathology clinic, reading instruction using Lindamood-Bell® programs, Earobics®, computerized programs, consultations and parent training, social skills classes, occupational therapy, feeding therapy and Fast Forward®


Wings Speech and Language Center

4100 E Jurupa St, Ste 108, Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 390-1313


 Private practice certified speech pathologists. Offers speech and language therapy and Social Skills groups - Jr High and High School Age Social groups every week. Computer lab on site offers Fast Forward year round and a summer intensive session. Uses a lot of language-based computer software, video modeling and other media tools. Collaborates with school and ABA programs.









تواصل معنا

الجدول الدراسي

روابط مكتبات


التوحد مش مرض

متلازمة داون

روابط هامة

برنامج كشف الإنتحال العلمي (تورنتن)

روابط مهمة للأوتيزم

ساعات الإستشارات النفسية والتربوية

تجول عبر الانترنت

spinning earth photo: spinning earth color spinning_earth_color_79x79.gif

موعد تسليم المشروع البحثي

على طالبات المستوى الثامن  شعبة رقم (147) مقرر LED 424 الالتزام بتسليم التكليفات الخاصة بالمشروع في الموعد المحدد  (3/8/1440هـ)


معايير تقييم المشروع البحثي الطلابي


ندوة الدور الاجتماعي للتعليم


حالة الطقس

المجمعة حالة الطقس

الساعات المكتبية

التميز في العمل الوظيفي


(التميز في العمل الوظيفي)

برنامج تدريبي مقدم إلى إدارة تعليم محافظة الغاط – إدارة الموارد البشرية - وحدة تطوير الموارد البشرية يوم الأربعاء 3/ 5 / 1440 هـ. الوقت: 8 ص- 12 ظهرًا بمركز التدريب التربوي (بنات) بالغاط واستهدف قياديات ومنسوبات إدارة التعليم بالغاط

تشخيص وعلاج التهتهة في الكلام


حملة سرطان الأطفال(سنداً لأطفالنا)


اليوم العالمي للطفل


المهارات الناعمة ومخرجات التعلم


المهارات الناعمة

المهارات الناعمة مفهوم يربط بين التكوين والتعليم وبين حاجات سوق العمل، تعتبر مجالاً واسعاً وحديثا يتسم بالشمولية ويرتبط بالجوانب النفسية والاجتماعية عند الطالب الذي يمثل مخرجات تعلم أي مؤسسة تعليمية، لذلك؛ فإن هذه المهارات تضاف له باستمرار – وفق متغيرات سوق العمل وحاجة المجتمع – وهي مهارات جديدة مثل مهارات إدارة الأزمات ومهارة حل المشاكل وغيرها. كما أنها تمثلالقدرات التي يمتلكها الفرد وتساهم في تطوير ونجاح المؤسسة التي ينتمي إليها. وترتبط هذه المهارات بالتعامل الفعّال وتكوين العلاقات مع الآخرينومن أهم المهارات الناعمة:


مهارات التفكير الناقد

مهارات الفكر الناقد والقدرة على التطوير من خلال التمكن من أساليب التقييم والحكم واستنتاج الحلول والأفكار الخلاقة، وهي من بين المهارات الناعمة الأكثر طلبا وانتشارا، وقد بدأت الجامعات العربية تضع لها برامج تدريب خاصة أو تدمجها في المواد الدراسية القريبة منها لأنه بات ثابتا أنها من أهم المؤهلات التي تفتح باب بناء وتطوير الذات أمام الطالب سواء في مسيرته التعليمية أو المهنية.


الصحة النفسية لأطفال متلازمة داون وأسرهم




لا للتعصب - نعم للحوار

يوم اليتيم العربي



موقع يساعد على تحرير الكتابة باللغة الإنجليزية


تطبيق يقوم تلقائيًا باكتشاف الأخطاء النحوية والإملائية وعلامات الترقيم واختيار الكلمات وأخطاء الأسلوب في الكتابة

Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant

مخرجات التعلم

تصنيف بلوم لقياس مخرجات التعلم


التعلم القائم على النواتج (المخرجات)

التعلم القائم على المخرجات يركز على تعلم الطالب خلال استخدام عبارات نواتج التعلم التي تصف ما هو متوقع من المتعلم معرفته، وفهمه، والقدرة على أدائه بعد الانتهاء من موقف تعليمي، وتقديم أنشطة التعلم التي تساعد الطالب على اكتساب تلك النواتج، وتقويم مدى اكتساب الطالب لتلك النواتج من خلال استخدام محكات تقويم محدودة.

ما هي مخرجات التعلم؟

عبارات تبرز ما سيعرفه الطالب أو يكون قادراً على أدائه نتيجة للتعليم أو التعلم أو كليهما معاً في نهاية فترة زمنية محددة (مقرر – برنامج – مهمة معينة – ورشة عمل – تدريب ميداني) وأحياناً تسمى أهداف التعلم)

خصائص مخرجات التعلم

أن تكون واضحة ومحددة بدقة. يمكن ملاحظتها وقياسها. تركز على سلوك المتعلم وليس على نشاط التعلم. متكاملة وقابلة للتطوير والتحويل. تمثيل مدى واسعا من المعارف والمهارات المعرفية والمهارات العامة.


اختبار كفايات المعلمين



التقويم الأكاديمي للعام الجامعي 1439/1440

مهارات تقويم الطالب الجامعي

مهارات تقويم الطالب الجامعي

معايير تصنيف الجامعات

الجهات الداعمة للابتكار في المملكة

تصميم مصفوفات وخرائط الأولويات البحثية

أنا أستطيع د.منى توكل

مونتاج مميز للطالبات

القياس والتقويم (مواقع عالمية)

مواقع مفيدة للاختبارات والمقاييس

مؤسسة بيروس للاختبارات والمقاييس


مركز البحوث التربوية


القياس والتقويم


مؤسسة الاختبارات التربوية


إحصائية الموقع

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