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6th Edition APA Format


official source for formatting papers required in WLU nursing classes is the Publication Manual of the American
Psychological Association
(6th ed.).  This style sheet attempts to cover the most
common formatting issues that students encounter.  For additional information, students should
consult the Publication Manual.



Paper Set-up: 


  • Typeface:  Times New Roman

  • Font size:  12

  • Line spacing:  Double space entire paper

  • Margins:
         1 inch at the left, right, top, and bottom of every page

  • Paragraphs:
         Indentation settings for paragraphs/headings five to seven spaces



Title Page:    


  • Numbered as page 1 using Arabic numerals

  • Information to include:


    • Title of paper in upper and lower case letters (
            12 words or less)


    • Author’s Name (your name)


    • Institutional affiliation (WestLiberty



  • This information should be centered, and positioned
         in the upper half of page

  • Running head: The abbreviated title; top flush
         left; maximum of 50 characters (counting letters, punctuation, and spaces
         between words); uppercase letters; appears on title page and all
         subsequent pages



full page example on the next page)


Running head:  EFFECTS



































on Nursing by the Competency Rules of Accrediting Bodies


Anne Harkins



















Heading Levels: 
(Ways to organize subject matter)


  • The Introduction does not need a “Heading”



  • With 1, 2,
         or 3 levels use the following examples:



            Level one:        Centered, Boldface, Uppercase and
Lowercase Words




The Pathophysiology of Pancreatitis


assessing the patient with acute pancreatitis, it is necessary to understand
the pathophysiology behind the signs and symptoms.  Pancreatic enzymes are inappropriately
activated within the pancreas.  Therefore,
inappropriate breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates occur within the
pancreas itself…………………………………


Level two:      Flush left, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Words




Signs and Symptoms


hallmark symptom of acute pancreatitis is persistent abdominal pain that is not
relieved by vomiting.  Signs of
hypovolemia also accompany the abdominal pain…..


            Level three:   Indented, Boldface, lowercase except for the first word and with a
period at the end of the heading, then continue content 2 spaces after the





Supportive measures.  Supportive measures
include pain management, aggressive fluid replacement, and psychological






Body of Work: 
(Basic Rules)


  • A good general rule in writing is that you always
         include and introduction of the content and end with a conclusion or
         summary of the content, even when not specifically asked.

  • Do not leave a heading only at the bottom of a
         page.  It should be taken to



next page.


  • If you start a new paragraph on the bottom of a
         page – do not leave only



           one line.  That line should be taken to the next page.


  • Do not carry only the last line of a paragraph to a
         new page.  Carry at least two lines.

  • Paragraphs must be at least three sentences.

  • Please proof read work for grammar and content.




APA rules on the use of numbers:


  • Use the digit for numbers 10 and above.  (e.g., 

  • Use the words for numbers less than 10.  (e.g., nine)

  • Use numbers when they are followed by a unit of
         measurement. (e.g.,  5 mg)

  • Use the number with other numbers grouped in a
         sentence with numbers greater than 10 or above.  (e.g., 
    there were 7 blocks…………..in 12 blocks)



  • Use numbers that denote a specific place in a
         numbered series (books, volumes, table)  
    (e.g.,  Trial 3,  Chapter 5)

  • Use numbers if they represents time, dates, age,
         sample size, exact money, etc.





  • Use words for numbers that begin a sentence, title
         or heading.  Twenty Men of Honor

  • Use words for common fractions.  (e.g., 
    one fifth of the class)

  • Use
         numbers and not Roman numerals, unless specifically part of the title





Referencing sources in text 


  • Direct
         Quotes:  quotes that are fewer than
         40 words:



Example:   Kertcher (2007) states, “The blood is not
always bluer on the other


side” (p. 125).


  • Direct
         Quotes:  quotes that are more than
         40 words:
      freestanding block,
         all indent throughout, double space and omit the quotation marks.





Foster and Merritt (2009) found the


The angels
seemed to be perceived as glowing and floating about the air.  However, when asked to describe a color, the
participants often were unable to distinguish red, blue, purple, yellow, or
white.  As well, when asked if these
entities moved or hovered, it seemed that they did neither yet was always just
out of reach. (p. 58).








  • Paraphrasing:  This is using your own words to

         summarize or explain another’s work. 
    The author must be credited and the reference must appear in the
         reference list. 



Example:   Rivers and Nigel (2008) discovered that the
general feeling of the   


tribe was


            Example:   The gender battle is neither old nor new in
philosophy (Miles and  


                               Craig, 2009).


  • Tables, charts, skill sheets, models, graphs, etc.
         must be cited in text.




Direct Quotes (Basic Rules)


  • When using a direct quote, always include the page
         number in which the quote came from. 

  • If there is no page number (for example a brochure
         or internet site), use the paragraph number in the citation.  e.g., (Ckekler, 2008, para. 5).

  • Personal
         Communications (Interviews)
    :  do
         not include in reference list.  DO
         cite the person in text: 



Example:   B. Jones (personal communication, February
20, 2009) referred to the standards of care for the patients.








Citations  (Basic Rules)



  • With every citation include author and year.

  • Once a citation has been made, you must cite the
         same source within the same paragraph with the author and year again.

  • If there are 2 authors, always cite both

  • If there are 3, 4, or 5 authors, cite all authors
         the first time, then with subsequent authors cite only the first author
         followed by et al., year   Example: Smith et al., 2004

  • If there are 6 or more authors, cite only the last
         name of the first author followed by et al., and the year for all

  • If a group serves as an author (corporation,
         associations, etc.), spell out the group name each time or if it is a well
         known abbreviation cite the following:



Example:   (National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH,


                    And then abbreviate it thereafter as
NIMH (2008)


  • If there are no authors, move the title to the
         author position, and alphabetize the first word of the title and the year.

  • If the author is “Anonymous” begin the entry with
         the word Anonymous spelled out and alphabetize the entry as if a true









Citation of a work discussed in a secondary source:


  • Give the secondary source in the reference list; in
         text, name the original work, and give a citation for the secondary



Example: If Seidenberg and McClelland’s
work is cited in Coltheart et al. and you did not read the work cited, list the
Coltheart et al. reference in the References. 
In the text, use the following citation as an example:


Seidenberg and McClelland’s study (as cited in Coltheart, Curtis, Atkins,
& Haller, 2009) explores the dual-route and parallel-distributed processing
approach to client interviewing.



List   vs 


  • A reference list cites work that specifically
         supports the content of your work.

  • A bibliography cites and includes work that is used
         for background and further reading.



  • Every reference that is cited in text must appear
         in the reference list.

  • Every entry in a reference list must be
         cited in-text.

  • The reference list or Bibliography is to be double
         spaced and arrange entries in alphabetical order by last name of the first

  • For entries with multiple authors, do not alter the
         order of the authors for the original text.

  • The reference page is to be numbered and titled as
         References, two lines (or a double space) below the page number,
         and it is to be centered.






  • Regarding publisher location:  Give city and state abbreviation
         according to U.S. Postal Service abbreviations if located in theUnited States.  If located outside of theUnited States
         give city and country.




Reference List Entries:


  • Book with
         ONE Author:



Gilster, P. (2008). Digital literacy. New York,NY:
John Wiley & Sons.


  • Book with
         MORE than One Author:



Forell, C. A., & Matthews, D.
M. (2009).  A law of her own: The reasonable woman as a


measure of man.  New York,NY:New


  • Book with



Huskey, T., & Maury, J.
(2007).  We must talk to hear ourselves: The introduction to


listening skills (2nd
ed.).  New York,NY:


  • Brochure,
         corporate author:



U.S.Department of Health and Human
Services, National Institutes of Health, National  


      Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. (2008).
Managing asthma: A guide for schools    


Publication No. 02-1002).Washington,
DC: Government Printing Office.


  • Encyclopedia
         Reference (dictionaries, etc.), with no author listed:



Special education. (2007).  In The
new encyclopaedia Britannica
(Vol 11, pp. 75-76).


Encyclopaedia Britannica.






  • Journal



Jones, J. J., & Fritter, R. L.
(2005).  The remaking of the
organizational hierarchy in


the millennium. Journal of Healthcare Management, 45
(2), 10-22.


  • Magazine



Keller, R., Peters, K., &
Knowlton, Y. (2005, November 10). 
Magnesium: The


forgotten electrolyte. Science Magazine, 220, 999-1002.



  • Newspaper



Many doctors shun patients with
Medicare. (2005, March 17). The New York


        p. A1.


Schwartz, J. (2007, September
30).  Obesity affects economic, social
status.  The


Washington Post, pp. A1, A4.


  • Online



Begley, S., Underwood, A., Springen,
K., & Gesalman, A. (2007).  The


mind.  Newsweek, 139(10), 44-57. 
Retrieved from http://search.epnet.com


  • Web Site:



B-type naturetic peptide in
congestive heart failure (2008, October). Retrieved from  




  • Online
         Reference Work (Encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.) with author



Hutchinson, M. (2008).  Hydrocephalus.  In Deluxe (Ed.). The New American   


       encyclopedia (Fall 2009 ed.).  Retrieved from







  • Online
         Reference Work (Encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.) no author or editor



Hydrocephalus. (n.d.). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary (11th
ed.). Retrieved from  







Use only refereed (Professional, credible) sources.  When in doubt—check it out (with a Faculty


For additional 6th Edition APA style information, refer to
the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association  OR use the following website:         


According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association (APA  Ethics Code  Standard 8:11) researchers/authors/writers
do not claim the words and ideas of another as their own; they give credit
where credit is due
.  To not follow
this code is PLAGIARISM.







Revised 1/2010







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مهارات التفكير الناقد

مهارات الفكر الناقد والقدرة على التطوير من خلال التمكن من أساليب التقييم والحكم واستنتاج الحلول والأفكار الخلاقة، وهي من بين المهارات الناعمة الأكثر طلبا وانتشارا، وقد بدأت الجامعات العربية تضع لها برامج تدريب خاصة أو تدمجها في المواد الدراسية القريبة منها لأنه بات ثابتا أنها من أهم المؤهلات التي تفتح باب بناء وتطوير الذات أمام الطالب سواء في مسيرته التعليمية أو المهنية.


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ما هي مخرجات التعلم؟

عبارات تبرز ما سيعرفه الطالب أو يكون قادراً على أدائه نتيجة للتعليم أو التعلم أو كليهما معاً في نهاية فترة زمنية محددة (مقرر – برنامج – مهمة معينة – ورشة عمل – تدريب ميداني) وأحياناً تسمى أهداف التعلم)

خصائص مخرجات التعلم

أن تكون واضحة ومحددة بدقة. يمكن ملاحظتها وقياسها. تركز على سلوك المتعلم وليس على نشاط التعلم. متكاملة وقابلة للتطوير والتحويل. تمثيل مدى واسعا من المعارف والمهارات المعرفية والمهارات العامة.


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مهارات تقويم الطالب الجامعي

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