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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Course Code and Title: Eng.351 Nineteenth Century Novel                                                           

Credit hours: 3

Instructor: Mohammad I Hoque

E-mail: [email protected]

Group No. 547; Room No. 52-3-12

Office Hours: Saturdays (11 – 12)

Course Objectives:

  1. To introduce the students to some major themes, trends and genres in the novels of the Nineteenth Century Novel
  2. The students will be briefed with the social, political, historical and literary background of the period and the conditions that helped flourish novels.
  3. Introduce the students to the intellectual and social issues relevant to understanding of the Nineteenth Century novels.
  4. Expand student’s understanding of the characteristics of the novel as a literary genre and introduce the students to a range of theoretical and critical approaches in relation to the study of novels.
  5. Improve students’ reading and analytical skills by encouraging a close reading and understanding of individual novels.
  6. Teach students how to write essays on novels.
  7.  Read two novels – Great Expectations and Silas Marner- closely in the light of the above objectives.






 Impact of Industrial Revolution in 19th Century England  



  Literary scene in 19th Century England…



Over view of Nineteenth Century Novels


Great Expectations: Key Facts


 Great Expectations: ­ Exposition (Part 1)



Great Expectations: ­ Pip’s life in London(Part II)



Great Expectations:  Climax (chs. 51-56)



Great Expectations: Resolution – Part 111

 First Mid-term (15 Marks, 25.4.1433)


Great Expectations: Resolution – Part 111 contd.


Great Expectations: themes, plots, characters


Silas Marner: Exposition


Silas Marner: Major Conflict, Climax



Silas Marner: Resolution

 Assignment 10 Marks


Silas Marner: Discussion - themes, plot(s), major characters

Second Mid-term (15 Marks, 14.6.’33)



Type of assessment:

The marks of this course are divided as follows: 40 for Coursework, and 60 for the Final Exam.

The Coursework will be divided as follows:

  • Two mid-term exams, 15 marks each.
  • 10 marks for one assignment


1.        Charles Dickens Great Expectations Ed. Professor A. N. Jeffars   York Classics ( Beirut: York Press; 1993; Reprinted 2008)

2.       George Eliot Silas Marner   Ed. Professor A. N. Jeffars  York Classics (Beirut: York Press; 1994, Reprinted 2007)

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Eng.351 Nineteenth Century Novel (Level-6) 3 Credit Hours

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          Eng.431 Victorian Poetry (L-7) 3 Credit Hours

Eng.432 Modern Poetry (L-8) 3 Credit Hours

Eng. 443 Modern Drama (L-8) 3 Credit Hours


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