Course title


Course Code:

PHYS 473

Credit hours

3 (3+0+0)


PHYS 471

Course Duration

16 Week (one Semester)

Offered for

Semester-8 (BS-4 years)


2015 (1436H)

Class times

10-11:40   am (Wednesday)

Course Description

Semiconductor Fundamentals Carrier distribution functions, Carrier densities, Carrier Transport Carrier recombination and generation, Continuity equation, The drift-diffusion model. P-N Junctions: Electrostatic analysis of a P-N diode, The P-N diode current, Reverse bias breakdown. Bipolar Junction Transistors: Structure and principle of operation, Ideal transistor model, Non-ideal effects, Base and collector transit time effects, BJT circuit models, BJT Technology. MOS Capacitors: Structure and principle of operation, MOS analysis. MOS Field-Effect-Transistors: Structure and principle of operation, MOSFET models, Threshold voltage, MOSFET Circuits and Technology.

Text Books

Physics of semiconductor devices, S.M. Sze, Wiley, (1981). Semiconductor Physics and Devices, D. Neamen, McGraw Hill, 3rd Ed., 2003.


1-PN Junction, PN diode

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Course Contents for the Final Term for the Second Term Exam 1437H are available at D2L.


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