Course title

Solid State Physics Lab

Course Code:

PHYS 495-Z

Credit hours

2 (3+0+0)


PHYS 471

Course Duration

16 Week (one Semester)

Offered for

Semester-8 (BS-4 years)


2015 (1436H)

Class times

8-10 pm (Monday)

Course Description

Experiment No.1 Detecting x-rays using an ionization chamber.

Experiment No. 2 Investigating the anomalous Hall Effect in tungsten.

Experiment No. 3 Measuring the temperature- dependency of a noble- metal resistor.

Experiment No. 4 Bragg reflection: determining the lattice constants of monocrystals.

Experiment No. 5 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of a solar battery as a function of the irradiance.

Experiment No. 6 See-beck effect: Determining the thermoelectric voltage as a function of the temperature differential.

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Important News

Course Contents for the Final Term for the Second Term Exam 1437H are available at D2L.


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