Physics Mission Statement

One of the primary responsibilities of the Physics Department is to educate the next generation of scientists, engineers and scientifically informed citizenry through research-intensive education in the physical sciences and related technologies. The Department of Physics at PESITM has a broad commitment to generate and disseminate knowledge. These roles are interrelated and complement each other. The Department has a mission to do fundamental research which contributes to its educational and to its research responsibilities in an institution. The Department has a responsibility to provide a sound education in Physics to a wide range of students. The Department has a commitment to enhance diversity among its faculty, staff, and students and facilitate productive interdisciplinary among the other departments.


The Department has the responsibility to maintain an active research program in order to contribute to our society through the generation of a better understanding of the physical world and our relationship to that world. The Department emphasis research activity in the area of Environmental Radiation Physics and applied Computer Sciences. The Department thus extends both research and educational programs beyond its laboratories and formal classrooms. Finally, the faculty of the Department has a responsibility to provide service to the physics profession, to the university community and to the citizens of K S A.

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