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Energy demand and power generation systems. Steam and gas power cycles. Fuels and combustion. Basic and auxiliary systems of a steam p.p. Steam generator analysis. Steam turbines and their controls. Diesel engine and gas turbine power plants. Overall plant performance. Economics of power plants

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Dr. M.N.Khan has more than 15 years of teaching and research experience. Presently Dr. M N Khan is the faculty member of the Mechanical and Industrial engineering department, college of engineering, Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia. His research interests are thermal engineering covering Heat Transfer, fluid mechanics, and power plant technologies. Dr. M.N.Khan has published many research papers in highly reputed refereed journals like energy (Elsevier), Journal of cleaner production (Elsevier), Energy Reports (Elsevier), etc. and also the reviewer of many journals like Energy (Elsevier), Journal of cleaner production (Elsevier), Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier), Ain Shams Engineering Journal (Elsevier), Results in Engineering (Elsevier), etc. He participated in different courses in thermal engineering and completed and supervised many international research projects. Recently, Dr. M N Khan has published a book on power plant Engineering titled “Fundamentals of Power Plant Engineering: Performance and Operation” from Germany. Dr. M N Khan session chair and organized many international conferences. Dr. M N Khan is the academic editor of the “journal of energy (Hindawi)”.

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