The purpose of this report is to summarize the experience of lab development committee (LDC) in electrical engineering department, College of Engineering. The report will indicate the mission, objectives and tasks that were done and that planned to for the future for improving labs environments and quality. Improving labs environments will be reflected on the quality of education and research in the department.


To create modern lab's facilities in Department of Electrical Engineering and to make the labs safer and more usable for students and researchers

3. Objectives:


Developing Electrical Engineering Department labs


Operation, Maintenance and Safety of Electrical Engineering Department labs

4. Main Tasks:

1. Operation, Maintenance and Safety of labs:

This is one of the important tasks in the committee. It contains three main sub tasks, operation, maintenance and safety of each lab. To satisfy each sub task a series of process or actions was taken into consideration. Next a list of all process or actions for each subtask will be given.

a. Lab Operation:

To be sour that our labs are properly working the following sub tasks was donning:

i. Lab Readiness Report:

At the beginning of each semester a lab readiness report should be filled by each lab supervisor. The report checks the existence of some important points that should be taken into consideration for the proper work of labs.

ii. Preparation of lab experiment list and lab experiment manual:

This is one of the very important tasks that grantee a success work in labs. The LDC asks each lab supervisors to prepare for each lab an experiment list which distribute lab experiments over the semester weeks. The list should exist in each lab to help instructor or TA in organizing their work. A template for lab experiment is being used. In the same time a complete description for each experiment should exist in lab in what we call it experiment manual. Experiment manual normally is prepared by lab equipment suppliers, but it needs a revision from lab supervisors to be sure that it's matched with lab course syllabi.

iii. Lab rooms cleaning

Cleaning labs is very important for many things such as, health, safety, and equipment. Labs should be cleaned regularly.

b. Lab Maintenance:

Normally, due to the excessive use of lab equipment by students, equipment can have malfunction. To insure the continuation of labs safe operation, maintenance of lab equipment is required. To follow up these malfunction equipment and grantee a proper maintenance processes the following sub tasks were implemented.

i. Follow up the malfunction equipment:

During semester working time lab technician should follow up all the equipment and should report any malfunctioning equipment through the template.

ii. Equipment's Data Base

To make the follow up process of lab new requirements or malfunction equipment, the creation of data base for the lab main equipment and its status (working, malfunction, defected, in maintenance, need upgrade, etc) is important.

c. Lab Safety:

Safety is very important factor that should be taken into consideration. Instruction for lab regulation and safety in labs was carefully implemented and exists in each lab. To be sure that these instructions are clear for students before using labs, lab instructor explains it for students each semester. At the end students should sign the agreements form that shows that regulation and safety instructions were explained for students and they agree to follow it.

2- Developing the labs:

From time to time labs can be upgraded by new equipment to cover new topics exist in the upgraded lab syllabi. A template for lab new requirements was designed by LDC. After that the template is send to the LDC for farther process.

Tasks for Lab Supervisors

1. To be ensure that labs are ready before the semester starting.

2. Experiments' manuals that is matched with the lab syllabi.

3. Review the student's exams (midterms and final).

4. Raise a report to the subcommittee organizer for any difficulties in the lab.

5. Upgrading the current labs “if required”.

Tasks for Lab Engineers

1. Prepare the lab data base.

2. Review the experiments list with the lab supervisor.

3. Inform the lab supervisor about any difficulties in the lab (lack of equipment - malfunction of equipment - new equipment needed).

4. Review the student's exams (midterms and final) with the lab supervisors before give it to the students.

5. Preparing the video data base for lab experiments

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