The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attributes they will require to become compassionate mental health nurses, health practitioners, and future leaders in the discipline of Mental Health Nursing. The course also aims at providing students with evidence-based knowledge and skills required for nursing practitioners to care for their clients and to meet the challenges of mental health nursing while providing high quality health services to individuals and families with diverse mental health needs across the lifespan.

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  • DOC (Lecture 1 General Introduction.docx - B)
  • WORD (Lecture 2 Mental Health and Mental Illness (1).docx - B)
  • WORD (5 Schizophrenia Disorderss.doc - B)

الساعات المكتبية

الساعات المكتبية

الساعات المكتبية

الساعات المكتبية

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