Active Reading

What is Active Reading?

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"Active Reading” (PDF)

"Active vs. Passive Reading”

"Finding the Main Idea” (PDF)

"Main Idea Paragraph” (PDF)

"Main Idea and Supporting Sentences” (PDF)

Active Reading: Comprehension and Rate

Many college students discover that there is significantly more to read in college than there was in high school. Students frequently remark that they don't have enough time to read through all of their assignments during the week. However, many students have bad habits and subscribe to reading myths. This page is designed to help you understand reading as an activity and help you become a more efficient and effective reader.  Some common reading myths:

  • Read every word.
  • One reading is sufficient.
  • Don't skip passages.
  • Machines improve speed.
  • A faster rate means less comprehension


Reading Myths:

Active Reading Strategies:

Where to Read:


Reading Improvement Video (10:48 Minutes)

Reading Improvement Video with Captions (10:48 minutes)

Learning Links

A Classic Method for Studying Texts: SQ3R - Dartmouth College

Active Reading Strategies – Princeton University

Guide to Reading Primary Sources – University of Pennsylvania


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