Research Activity

Submitted thesis entitled “A study to evaluate the microbiological tests in establishing the diagnosis of bacterial and fungal meningitis in children” under the able guidance of Prof. Abida Malik in November 2010.



1.   Paper entiltled " Epidemiology and drug resistance profile of acute bacterial meningitis in children in Northern India: a university hospital perspective". Available online 29 Jul 2014 in Asian pacific journal of tropical diseases.

2.   Paper entitled “Toxoplasmosis gondii with bad obstetric history and infertility” published in Asian pacific journal of tropical diseases 2014; 4(1): S236-S239.

3.   Paper entitled " Prevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in hospital based population in Bijapur, Karnataka" Al Am een J Med Sci 2013; 6(2):180-182

4.   Paper entitled “Serological Study Of Herpes Simplex Virus Infection In Female Patients With Bad Obstetric History” in biolmedonline in October 2010 


·        Presented a paper on “ACUTE BACTERIAL MENINGITIS IN CHILDREN:

ETIOLOGY AND DRUG RESISTANCE IN NORTH INDIA” in the 35th Annual Congress of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (IAMM) - MICROCON 2011, held in Varanasi from 23rd - 26th November 2011. 

·        Presented a poster on“Association of toxoplasmosis with bad obstetric history” in the 6th annual conference of association of the medical microbiologists-UP chapter in 2010. 

·        Presented a poster on “A prospective study of meningitis in infants due to gram negative bacilli in Aligarh region” in the 7th annual conference of association of the medical microbiologists-UP chapter in 2011 

Scientific activities attended:  

1.     Attended a D2L workshop on Adobe

2.     Attended a workshop on critical MCQ preparation

3.     Attended a CME on breast cancer awareness

4.     Attended a CME on diabetes

5.     Attended a workshop on E.paper formation

6.      Attended a workshop on “Exploring Proteins with Bioinformatics” organized by Distributed Information Sub-Centre

7.       Attended Symposium on “Malaria-An update,” organized by Department of Microbiology, JNMCH, AMU, Aligarh in Dec 2010. 

8.      Have been an active participant in pulse polio immunization programmes

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